Brief Specification.



Brief Specification. Engine: Eight-cylinders. Bore 77.78′ mm,, capacity 4,585 c.c. R.A.C. Rating 30.01 h.p. Side-by-side valves. Single Stromberg down

draft carburetter. Centrifugal supercharger. Coil ignition.

Gear-box : Three speeds and reverse. Svnchro-mesh second and top. Overall gear-ratios in confunition with dual-ratio back axle :—Itigh series, 3, 5.05 and 8.6 to 1. Low series, 4.5, 7.57 and 12.9 to I.

Suspension : front and rear.

irlrakes: Lockheed hydraulic. M1’125106′ Wheelbase 10ft.

T rack, Front, 41t. 1 un. Rear. 5ft. 2in. Wi•ight with open two-Seattv body 33),

Price £795.

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