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The committee of the Club has been reshuffled, with the result that the following officers of the Club have been appointed: Captain, Tim Carson ; Treasurer, B. H. Nicholson ; Secretary, C. T. Lewis ; Assistant Secretary, A. S. Whiddington ; Press Secretary, Cecil Clutton.

A small field in the recent Buxton Trial had a thoroughly good time, especially as the field was swelled during the afternoon by such welcome gate-crashers as Toldmin, the M.G. Trials man, and ” Porky” Lees (Frazer Nash).

Jenkins Chapel was dry, and most of the entry climbed this famous hill. Two people got round the hairpin without reversing. Hands (Lancia) and Powell (Amilcar), albeit the latter tipped up at a perilous angle. On the lower reaches of the hill Issard-Davies’ Lea-Francis abandoned the internal economics of its clutch and had to be towed back to Buxton.

A decision then had to be made between Eyam Bank and the nearest hostelry for lunch, the votes being unanimously in favour of the latter.

Bamford Clough defeated the entire field, but Powell registered a technical climb by getting up farthest in his twin-gearbox Amilcar. Successful demonstration climbs were made by Toulmin, Lees, and Whiddington. Proceedings, so far as the trial was concerned, concluded with an acceleration test on Winnerts, which was won by Powys-Lybbe with his leaking Alvis. The awards were as follows:

Club Tankard.—Powell (Amilcar).

1st Class Award.—Powys-Lybbe (Alvis). 2nd Class Award.—Clutton (Frazer Nash).


The border of Surrey and Hampshire was the scene of the Grand Cup Trial,

which attracted over 30 entries. Blind Lane was easy, Abster’s Hollow stopped only J. Dewar (Wolseley), and the acceleration test on Scotland Hill was within the scope of the majority. By far the fastest time was made by Samuel, with the West and Chittenden Lancia described in a recent issue of MOTOR SPORT. Second came Bennett (Vauxhall), and third Fitt (Ford VS). Seven people failed on time. Old Stonor saw the downfall of Samuel, who suffered a broken propeller-shaft in a battle between the Trikappa and Lambda components of his car. Fastest times here were made by W. Robinson and A. P. Squire (M.G. Midget). B. H. Pinsart (Alvis) was the only failure besides

Samuel. Then came the only difficult hill in the

trial, Steep Hill—all due to a short muddy stretch. There were 17 failures, but some good climbs were registered, notably by Miss Allan (Bentley), C. G. Fitt (Ford), Mrs. Moss (Singer), F. A. Thatcher (M.G. Magnette) and R. C. Holland (M.G. Midget). The later competitors had the worst of the surface.


Sopwith Cup.—A. C. B. Bennett (Vauxhall).

Runner-up.–C. G. Fitt (Ford V-8).

Tankards.—Miss L. Allan (Bentley), E. A. Thatcher (M.G. Magnette), Mrs. A. E. Moss (Singer), C. A. Cann (Ford V-8), A PowysLybbe (Alvis), T. H. Winterborn (Alvis), A. P. Squire (M.G. Midget), A. C. Fairlough (A.C.), Miss J. Richmond (Triumph), R. B. Taylor (Frazer-Nash), R. C. Holland (M.G. Midget).

Team Award.—Mid-Surrey A.C., Mrs. A. E. Moss (Singer), C. G. Fitt (Ford V-8), and

F. A. Thatcher (M.G. Magnette).

Midget. Our friend Mutton had to be eliminated, by order of the local chief constable, so the competitors made for Makkers, alias Mackhouse. No trouble here, Bismore followed, with its usual re-start test, in which Macdermid (M.G. Midget) made fastest time of all, closely followed by two more Midgets handled by Goodenough and Bracey.

And that was that. The field turned back to Abingdon, thoroughly satisfied with an enjoyable and well-run trial.

K. Binns (Vale Special) finds Pelts Street Hill rough going in the Margate C.C.

Wye Cup Trial.


The annual Abingdon-Abingdon Trial was something more than a M.G. trial this year, for out of a total entry of 115 cars, 69 were M.G.s and 32 Singers.

The trial began with a driving test in the grounds of the M.G. works, and straightaway first blood went to Singers in the person of A. H. Langley, who clocked 30.2 secs.

The hill section of the trial was placed in the Cotswolds, all the ” Gloster” favourites being included. Mill Lane was the first real obstacle, failures being about 5o per cent, of the first corners, after which the standard of performances improved. Here an unfortunate slip by the official team of Magnettes. in failing to get their delay cards signed, ruined their chances of success.

Nailsworth Ladder was dry as bone, and failed only 32 cars. Outstandingly good were Crawford’s Magnette, Bastock, Toulmin and Macdermid (M.G. Midgets), Barnes, Baker and Langley (Singer), McEvoy’s blown Singer saloon, EasonGibson’s Singer and Bracey’s blown M.G.


Best M.G. Performance (University Motors Jubilee Cup and M.G. Challenge Trophy).— J. H. Summerfield (M.G. Midget fil).

Best Visitor (Watkinson Cup).—A. H. Langley (14-litre Singer).

Best under 1,100 c.c. (University Motors Trophy).—J. A. Bastock (M.G. Midget) and M. H. Lawson (Singer Nine).

Best over 1,100 C.C. (P. J. Evans Cup).— J. A. M. Patrick (11-litre Singer).

Inter-club Team Trophy.—M.G, Car Club (A), R. A. Macdermid, J. A. Bastook, and J. M. Toulmin (M.G. Midgets).

M.G.C.C. Inter-Centre Trophy.—H. K. Crawford (M.G. Magnette), C. A. N. May and W. H. Haden (M.G. Midgets).

First-class Awards.–L. J. Onslow-Bartlett, H. K. Crawford. S. Kemball, E. G. S. Cook, J. H. Hibbitt (M.G. Magnas or Magnettes); J. Shewell-Cooper, Jack Twyford, C. C. Johnston, J’. E. Orgee, C. A. N. May, W. H. Ffaden, A. W. F. Smith, J. F. Kemp, J. M. Toulmin, A. B. Langley. S. L. Hope Potter, C. W. S. Crabbe, M. W. Sheppard, Norton Bracey, R. A. Macdermid (M.G. Midgets); E. B. Wadsworth. R. M. Andrews, A. B. Langley, j. Eason-Gibson, A. G. Imhof, W. J. B. Richardson, R. E. Sandland, D. E. Harris, Miss Pamela Lacon, Miss Olive Bailey, j. K. ShallcroL,s, N. Miller, D. Loader, E. K. Tlossell, A. C. Westwood (Singer Nines); Miss Jackie Astbury, J. D. Barnes, j. R. H. Baker (IA-litre Singers): M. A. McEvoy (Singer Eleven); G. N. Hall (Triumph); N. V. Terry (Prazer Nash).


The London-Exeter Tr:al, held last month for the seventh time, included several hills famous in M.C.C. “Land’s End.” Thus Beggar’s Roost, Grabhurst, Porlock, Lynmouth, and Station Hill were all on the route card, in addition to the formidable crossing of the River Bane at Tarr Steps. The trial began with a night-section from Virginia Water to the breakfast at Taunton. Then came Grabhurst, where there was only one failure, followed by an acceleration test on Porlock. Mrs. Moss (Singer) was the fastest here, closely followed by Miss Astbury (Singer) and Miss Richardson (Ford V8). Lynmouth and Station Hills were climbed by everyone, the latter being a particularly fine effort. Lynn Hill was more difficult, however, and there were several failures. Good climbs were made by Miss Goodban (Singer Nine) and Miss Watson (M.G. Magnette)

Beggar’s Roost stopped not a single car in the whole field—rather a different tale from the many failures in the all-male M.C.C. Land’s End. Conditions were somewhat different, be it noted, but anyway there is no reason why a woman should not be as good a trials driver as a man. Tarr Steps, with its deep water, was a fearsome enough sight, but there were no casualties and the field moved on to the finish at the White Horse Hotel, Exford. Lord Nuffield Trophy (best performance

under 1,100 c.c. Miss P. Goodban (972 Singer). Lord Decies Trophy (best performance 1,100 c.c. to 1.500 c.c.): Miss J. Astbury (1,493 Singer). Association Trophy (best performance over 1,5(X) c.c.): Miss B. Daniell (1,991 A.C.). Novice Trophy : Mrs H. Wood (1,172 Ford). First Class Awards.—Miss P. Goodban (972 Singer), Miss J. Astbury (1.493 Singer), Miss B. Daniell (1,991 AC.). Miss V. Watson (1,287 M.G. Magnette), Mrs M. M. Riley (847 M.G.). Miss V. M. Wilby (1,496 FrazerNash), Mrs Stanton (1.458 Riley), Miss K. Taylor (847 M.G.), Miss B. Marshall (1,496 G.N.). Second-class Awards : Miss S. Rich

ardson (3,622 Ford), Miss F. Walker (1,087 Riley). Mrs A. E. Moss (1,4t3 Singer), Mrs.

Montague Johnstone (995 Fiat), Miss E. Dobson (1,577 Rover), Mrs H. Wood (1,172 Ford). Third-class Award : Mrs M. J. Cotton (1,495 Aston-Martin).


The Inter-Club Team Trial was held this year in the Buxton district, and resulted in a victory for the Brighton and Hove M.C. Team composed of three V8 Fords driven by G. M. Denton, Hon. A. D. Chetwynd, and J. W. Whalley. After leaving the Spa Hotel, the first driving test was tackled, a downhill affair with pylons and a hairpin at the bottom calling for reverse gear. Here the Barnes, Baker, Langley team of 14–litre Singer were outstandingly good, representing the Singer M.C. as their “A” team. Jenkin’s Chapel was dry as bone, and

the hairpin could not therefore be skidded. Oven Hill restart test was really difficult, and Blacker Mill was not so easy. Cow Low took its toll, seven cars failing and spoiling the records of six teams. The M.G. Car Club “A” team were especially good, Midgets in the hands of Toulmin, Bastock and Macdermid, as were the L.C.C. team (which might well be called the Bellevue Garage team, or even the Evans team), consisting of brothers Kenneth and Denis, and sister Doreen, all in N type Magnettes, who proved runners-up to the winners. Here are the results:

The ” Autocar ” Trophy.—Brighton and Hove M.C. “A” team (G. M. Denton A. D. Chetwynd, J. W. Whalley, all on l’ords). Driving test time 2m. 6.2 secs.

Runners-Up.–Light Car Club ” A” team (Miss D. B. M. Evans, K. D. Evans and D. G. Evans, all M.G.’s). Driving teat time 2m. 15secs. Third.—M.G. Car Club Team ” A ” (J. M. Toulmin, J. A. Bastock, R. A. Macderznid, all M.G.’s). No driving test time


In addition to the important Leinster ‘frophy Race to be held on July 20th, the following list of fixtures has been arranged by the Club :—

June 15th: 12 Hour Night Trial.

July 6th: Open Summer Trial.

August 3rd: 2-Day Bank Holiday Tour.

Sept. 28th: Open September Trial.


The Wye Cup Trial was held too late for inclusion in our May issue, so we now give a short summary of this highly successful event. 48 out of 52 starters turned up at the start. A heavy thunderstorm played havoc with the course, and not a single competitor succeeded in getting through with a clean sheet. The very first hill, Postman’s

Walk, became badly cut up and there were many failures among the second half of the field. A fine exception, however, was H. W. Johnson (Singer).

Stowting Hill was in a frightful state, and after P. Clark’s Magnette had taken a long time to be removed by the tractor, it was decided to cut it out.

Dark Lane, Elham, came as a welcome “breather,” everyone making clean climbs. Covert Wood included the Acceleration and

Brake Tests, which were by no means easy. K. Binns (Vale Special) and S. J.

Jones (M.G.) had to be pushed, while 16 others were too slow in the first test. The second test, for acceleration, was only complied with by one competitor, J. F. Montgomery (Singer), who unfortunately retired later. There was only one failure in the Colonial Section, A. Fairall (Singer), and the downhill brake test on Maxted Street Hill was then tackled. Only P. Clark (M.G. Magnette) and E. Benge (Singer) completed the test in the specified time. Petts Street Hill produced three failures, A. L. Letts (Morris), E. Wood (Singer), and M. Chambers (Alfa-Romeo), while M. Pring (Alvis) and J. Parker (Lancia)

lost marks owing to their passengers ” bouncing.”

Altogether a well-organised, difficult, and successful trial.


Wye Cup: P. Clark (M.G.Magnette). ,.Filham Cup : A. Debenharn (Singer). Novices Cup: W. Pearce (Morris). Second-class Awards: H. Shaw (M.G. Magnette), C. J. Hawkes (Ford V8), Mrs. Moss (Singer), C. A. Hall (Singer), Miss Lacon (Singer), W. Cope (M.G. Ma.gnette), H. W. Johnson (Singer), S. Chappell (Ford V8), D. Leon (M.G.).

Third-class Awards: L. Hollingworth (Ford), W. Greenleaf (Morris), T. Wing Singer), T. Baylay (Singer), E. Benge Singer), S. Teff (Singer). S. Bowyer (M.G.), J. B. Thompson (Ford V8). E. Cooke (M.G. Magnette), M. Lawson (Singer), A. C. West. wood (Singer), 3. Parker (Lancia), 3. C. Bond (Morris).


The fifth Rally finished in Bangor amid glorious weather, having covered a fairly early route. The only difficult section was that between Maghera and Plumbridge.

Three eliminating tests were held at Bangor in the afternoon, all of them requiring an efficient car and clever driving.

The Ulster Automobile Challenge Trophy went to J. Wesley Shaw (Triumph) who retained the highest number of marks irrespective of class, the Ladies’ Cup to Mrs. J. W. Wright (Riley), the Old Car Cup to T. L. Hayes (Singer), and the team prize to “A” team, consisting of W. M. D. Montgomery, R. A. Gallagher and A. H. Wilkinson, all driving Rileys. The prize winners in Class x (up to 13 h,p.) were as follow:

1. J. Wesley Shaw (Triumph), 521.4 marks.

2. W. N. Jones (Standard), 520.6 marks.

3. D. Hooke (M.G.), 520 marks.

4. A. J. Welch (M.G.), 519 marks. And in Class a (over 13 h.p.) :

1. T. Mann (De Soto), 510.8 marks.

2. R. McCormick (Austin), 503.8 marks.

3. E. M. H. Kilpatrick (Chrysler), 500 marks.

4. A. Carr (Railton Terraplane), 496.8 marks.


The Chilterns Trial was well supported, and favoured with delightful weather. The start was from the ” George and Dragon ” Hotel, Marlow, and the route included such well-known acclivities as Widmere, Low Ruse, Ucumunstuck, Maiden’s Grove, Lewknor, and Crowell. Special tests were held on Ucutnunstuck and Lewknor, while Crowell was in difficult mood and almost refused to be climbed by anyone. One driver, incidentally, made such a desperate onslaught on the hill that he shot through the hedge!

The finish was at the” Lambert Arms ” Hotel, where everyone voted the event a real success.


Chilterns Cup, P. E. Knowland (Singer). First-class Award, F. Y. Andrews (Frazer Nash), Second-class Awards, C. V. Young (M.G.) and A. A. Bolsom (Singer Le Mans). The club has an excellent membership

list, in spite of its recent origin, and an attractive programme of events has been arranged. Prospective members should get in touch with the Hon. Secretary, Mr. A. A. Bolsom 33, Heath Street, London, N.V17.3.


The Blackpool Rally promises to be one of the biggest affairs of its kind ever held in this country. Three days will be spent in this renowned city, beginning with a civic reception by the Corporation. Other features of the stay will be dancing, cabaret, theatre visits, concours d’elegance, driving competitions, free aeroplane flights, etc., etc.

Full particulars may be obtained from the Hon. Secretary, Mr. G. Moxon Cook, 12, Queen’s Court, South Croydon, Surrey.