130 m.p.h. WITH 750 c.c.



130 m.p.h. WITH 750 c.c.!

Once again the M.G. Midget has made motoring history. The rebuilt Magic Midget, driven by Bobbie Kohlratisch, broke the standing and flying start kilometre and mile records last month

at Gyon, Budapest, and for the first time in history a 750 c.c. car has reached a speed of 130 m.p.h. Altogether a magnificent performance. Here are the new records, which have been submitted to the A.I.A.C.R. for official confirmation : i Ilkm. f.s. 130.891 m.p.h. enly 128.62 m.p.11

x mile Ls. 13o.481 m.p.h. enly )28.62 m.p.h.

/ km,, s.s, 81.798 m.p.h. Driscoll 77.43 m.p.11 I mile (s.s. 93.408 m.p.h. (Driscoll 85,59 m.p.h.

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