the welsh rally


This year's Welsh Rally starts on July 20th from Cambridge, Cardiff, Chester, Harrogate, Leamington, London, Swansea and Torquay-. Competitors converge at Brecon and tackle the HirwaunRhondda and Rhondda-Gari,v mountain roads. A night stop will be made at Porthcawl after one hill test has been decided. On the following day a common route embraces some of the finest Welsh scenery to the finish at Cardiff, after a second hill test. On the third day wiggle-woggles and the reception will be disposed of and on Saturday, July 23rd,

there is the Coachwork Competition. This time one driver may drive throughout and each day's road-section embraces about 250 miles, or 500 miles in all: Details from : Hon. Secretary, South Wales A.C., • 7, St. Mary Street, Cardiff, Glam.