A unique rally

On June 27th, at mid-day, the Bentley Drivers' Club is staging a rally with a view to putting owners of the larger vintage and near-vintage cars in touch with its own members. It urges its members to bring their Bentleys and to get out their spare "38/250" Mercedes for the occasion, and extends a welcome to all owners of the larger old-school sports cars not already catered for by one-make clubs to come along to the Byron Hotel, Ruislip Road, Greenford, on that day. If anyone is in doubt as to whether his or her car is eligible, or if 5s. lunch-tickets are required, they are asked to contact S. Sedgwick, "The Cobb,"  Stoke Close, Cobham, Surrey. Owners of "30/98s," " 14/40s," " 22/90s," "45s," "36/220s," "Paris-Nice," " Royale " and the like are urged to support this unique "Great Contemporaries" rally.