Some comments on "Blue Peter" re-treads

Anyone who has any qualms about re-treaded tyres should see the thorough methods adopted by Auto Tyre Services at their Basingstoke factory to ensure that re-treading is a success. We spent a morning there recently, on the occasion of a demonstration of a new mould capable of dealing with six tyres at once, or 600 in a normal working week. To produce these “Blue Peter” re-treads the firm mixes its own rubber and is not afraid to “trademark” the finished product  —  this, coupled with rejection of unsuitable tyres before the many processes leading to the completed job-commence, ensures that an as-new cover results, and makes it worth while insisting on a “Blue Peter” re-mould as distinct from “any old process” when submitting your tyres to a garage for rejuvenation. We were told that a “Blue Peter” re-tread costs, on the average, 50 per cent. less than buying a new tyre, yet gives a mileage approximately equal to that already run. Whether such a re-mould will stand up to prolonged high-speed driving we have yet to ascertain; nor do we know the reactions of all racing car scrutineers to the process. But the fact that K. W. Bear has used ” Blue Peter” re-moulds on his Bugattis for hill-climbs is significant, and owners of fast cars that run up a heavy tyre bill should investigate the service which this efficient, well-appointed and, to the layman, complex factory at Basingstoke has to offer. If you want to halve your tyre bill, forget the bad reputation that retreading has suffered at the hands of back-shed operators and ask Major Husband of Auto Tyre Services, Basingstoke, to tell you what we haven’t space to describe about these “branded” re-moulds.