A New Sports Car

Continental Cars, Ltd., of Cobham, are putting into produdion a new sports car, the Connaught, of which the first batch of six are now under construction. The chassis is Lea-Francis and the engine may be described as a cross between the “Competition” Lea-Francis unit which has been tested in American midget racing cars and the normal Lea-Francis engine, modifications being the work of the Connaught’s sponsors. The normal. Size is 1.7 litres, but the engine may later be bored out to nearly 2 litres for Formula II racing. Over 100 b.h.p. has been attained during bench tests. The car has a neat two-seater sports body with low-drag frontal aspect and weighs about 19 cwt. The first one is destined for K. McAlpine, and, at his request, will be delivered with aero-screens and no hood. It was due to run in the Manx Cup Race sans body trimmings. etc., by way of a preliminary outing, driven by Major Gale.