A New Tyre Gauge



Readers of MOTOR SPORT, unlike casual motorists, take a pride in the mechanical fitness and external appearance of their cars. After these matters have been established to their liking they can turn their attention to special items of equipment that appeal particularly to their individual requirements.

Wingard (M.A.) L.t.d., of Chichester, offer an intriguing range of equipment and accessories from which to make a choice. (inc of their latest lines is the Wingard Sealed Construction Tyre Gauge, which has its moving parts enclosed so that dirt cannot enter, has been certified accurate by independent authorities, and is very easy to read, a red indicator showing the pressure against a clear scale, after which you tap the gauge as you do a thermometer to zero it. Of modern shape and finished in attractive beige spray-lustre, this tyre gauge costs only 9s. and is calibrated 0-50 lb./sq. in. If required, other scales can be obtained, such as 0-3.5 kilos. This is a useful addition to the garage or cubby-hole. We use one ourselves.