Alfas In The Van!



ALFAS IN THE VAN!–Two shots taken in close succession, of the field starting in the G.P. de l’Europe.

SECOND HOME was Luigi Fagioli, ex-Mercedes-Benz driver, whose Alfa-Romeo averaged 90.92 m.p.h. and crossed the finishing line 0.4 sec. after Farina’s. He is here seen driving very fast into the Hangar straight.

THIRD TO FINISH was our own Reg. Parnell, fourth man of the Alfa-Romeo team who averaged 90.37 m.p.h. and kept going, whereas Fangio retired, This picture was taken before a hare dented the car’s radiator cowl.

UNBLOWN SPEED.–The unsupercharged Talbots were faster than before and those of Cabantous and Rosier finished fourth and fifth, two laps behind the Alfas. Here Cabantous is seen concentrating on his corner.

AS GOOD AS EVER was Bob Gerard, whose aged B/C-type E.R.A. is seen here motoring steadily to ensure for him sixth place, a lap behind the Talbots.

LEADER FOR THE “MOTOR SPORT” BROOKLANDS FUND TROPHY.—J. C. C. Mayers, whose Lester-M.G. won two races at the Goodwood Members Meeting last month.

WHAT PRICE THE CONTINENTALS?– Back from his unlucky Targa Florio, Sydney Allard shows a Delahaye and a Darracq the way to the finish at the Goodwood Members’ Day, driving a s.v. Allard.

LOOK OUT, CHAPS! Nancy Binns cuts Woodcote Corner close in her T.T. Riley to win the first race of her career at the B.A.R.C. Members Day at Goodwood.

VERY “EX-BROOKLANDS.”– K. Rolfe’s 1,090-c.c. F.I.A.T. once raced at Weybridge by Tuson, ahead of Peter Clark’s 1949 Le Mans H.R.G. during the fifth Three-Lap Handicap at Goodwood.

PUPIL SHOWS THE MASTER.–Wing-Comdr. Aikens’ Triumph-engined Iota, which won the SiIverstone “500” Race at 79.29 m.p.h., being chased unsuccessfully by Stirling Moss’ Cooper-J.A.P.

HARD AT IT.— Parker in his J.A.P.-engined Parker-Special (48) and Paul Emery’s front-drive Norton-engined Emeryson during the Silverstone “500” race. Later, passing like this, Emery experienced a front-end sIide which caused his car to strike a straw-bale end on and overturn at Stowe Corner.

CLOSE COMPANY, and it had been closer still in the opening laps. John Cooper’s Cooper, chased hard by Moss’ Cooper, lead Aikens’ Iota, the Parker-Special and A. E. Brown’s Cooper during the final of the “500” race.

UNLUCKY.– Stirling Moss won his heat at 77.40 m.p.h. at Silverstone, but lost the Final to Aikens, in second place, as his piston broke. He is preparing cotton wool for his ears while Father Moss and mechanic fit the engine-cover.

IN AUGUST PERHAPS?–Raymond Mays in the B.R.M. which he demonstrated last month at Silverstone and which is to race there at the B.R.D.C. “Daily Express” Meeting on August 26th