Reports of Recent Events


In view of the sales-promotion which American sports-car races have, and the special attention given in Motor Sport recently to last year's events, the result of the 160-mile Palm Springs race is of especial interest. Lewis won in Jim Kimberly's 2-litre Ferrari. Thirty-three started and the Ferrari was never challenged. Hill's "2.9" Alfa-Romeo, which made fastest practice lap, lost a wheel after three laps. A Cadillac-Allard Was second, followed by two Jaguar XK 120s, whose drivers had "nursed their brakes"—more fuel for the Allard versus Jaguar argument! Neunmnn's TD M.G. went astonishingly fast in winning the 1 1/2-litre class very easily from Breeze's TD.

Results :
1st : M. Lewis (Ferrari).
2nd : J. Armstrong (Cadillac-Allard).
3rd : E. Forbes.Robinson (Jaguar XK120).


Villoresi continued in winning form for Ferrari in this two-hour race at Monza.

Results :
1st: L. Villoresi (2,560-c.c. Ferrari) 169.98 miles.
2nd : Amendola ("2.3" Ferrari).
3rd: L. Chiron (4 1/2-litre Delahaye).


This novel event, in which the Bristol M.C. & L.C.C. assisted, was intended to indicate who, amongst clubmen, owns the best all-round sports car. Flying laps of Castle Combe were allied to an examination for comfort, luggage accommodation, passenger accommodation, etc., and climbs of trials-type hills essayed, all on the same tyre pressures. The three fastest at Castle Combe were the Ford V8 HC. Special, the blown Buckler and a 1 3/4-litre Lea-Francis. The three best all-rounders on static judgment were deemed to be an Austin A90, a B.M.W. and a vintage 3-litre Bentley. Curiously, no data about the tyre pressures used seems to have been released, although this should have been one of the more informative items of the event. Nevertheless, congratulations to the Hants & Berks M.C. for yet another pioneering effort-the importance of which seems to have been firmly grasped by one contemporary weekly, which gave the Versatility Trial 22 inches, the B.A.R.C. Members' Meeting at Goodwood only two, and nothing at all to the Half-Litre Club's Brands Hatch racing! We would like to see this event repeated, but with even greater variety, such as easy-starting, slow-running, speed hill-climb, hill restart and other tests. To be quite honest, we would also like the results of the big rallies. like the R.A,C. Rally this month, to be decided thus, so that cars well as drivers could feel proud of winning.

Results :
BEST PERFORMANCE OF DAY.-D. Mayne (1,250-c.c. Fanifold).
BEST UP TO 1,000 c.c.-M. D. Chamberlain (750.c.c. Austin), only competitor.
BEST 1,001-2,000 c.c. SC. OR OVER 1,200 c.c. NON-S/C.-D. Bollom (1,172-c.c. Dellow, s/c/).
FIRST CLASS AWARDS—Up to 1,000 c.c. s/c. or 2,000 c.c. non-s/c.: J. Brown (1,250-c.c. M.G.), B. Gillbert (1,250-c.c. M.G.), H. Bradford (1,250-c.c. M.G.), G. W. Best (1,250-c.c. M.G.). 1,001-2,000 c.c. s/c. or over 2,000 c.c. non-s/c.: G. Walker (3,622-c.c. H.C.), D. Buckler (1,172-c.c. Buckler, s/c.), F. Stark (1,172-c.c. Dellow, s/c.).


The Time Trial for the Sturgess Trophy, run on April 22nd, was won by the only "lady" crew in the event. Mrs. Ruth Moore and navigator Mrs. Vera Williams. romped home in their M.G., with the loss of only nine marks. The route started from Leicester, paused at Ashbourne for lunch, wandered through the Derbyshire hills and dales in the afternoon, and finished at Cromford for tea.

Results :
FIRST-CLASS AWARDS.—W. H. Wykes (Dellow), Herbert (Morris), I. G. Williams (Dellow, s/c.)
SECOND-CLASS AWARDS.—G. R. Newccombe (Morris), J. E. R. Laight (Peugeot). J. Huggins (Ford).
NOVICE AWARD.—L. H. Pole (Sunbeam-Talbot)


The Chilterns Cup was won by D. B. Frost on a pre-war Morris Twelve, substituted at the last minute for his own 2 1/2-litre Jaguar.

Other awards were :—
BEST PERFORMANCE (open class) : G. J. Watt (M.G.).
BEST PERFORMANCE (closed class) : R. Jackson (Vauxhall Six).
RUNNERS UP (closed class): A. J. Decker (Austin Sixteen), W. Mahon (Ford Ten).
TEAM AWARD: It. A. Arnold (Standard Eight), A. C. Hobbs (Ford Ten), W. Mahon (Ford Ten).


The warmest congratulations to Dorothy Corbishley on winning this classic trial against strong male opposition. She drove the Ford Ten-engincd C.C.S. and was passengered by her father. As a personal opinion, the driver who wore a bowler hat, yellow pullover and anti-gas trousers could probably do more discredit to trials than any number of doorless, overhung "specials"!

Results :

BEST PERFORMANCE: Miss D. Corbishley. Runner-up: K. Rawlings (Vanguard) Next best: C. Corbishley (1,446-c.c. C.C.S.).
BEST MEMBER: Dr. C. R. Hardman (1,172-c.c. Dellow).
BEST OPPOSITE CLASS: J. Deeley (1,512-c.c. Cranford Special).
TEAM - C. Corbishley, E. Wadsworth (1,172-c.c. Ford), Dr C. R. Hardman ("Northernites")
FIRST-CLASS AWARDS: T. C. Harrison (Harford), E. Harrison (Hardford), I. J. Oliver (Oliver), J. Clegg (Cleg), R. A. Hopkinson (Bancroft), A. J. Lilley (A. W. Special), E. Wadsworth (Ford).

RALLY SOLEIL (April 22nd)

This was a convincing demonstration of the supremacy of the British Jaguar.

Results :
1st : Pignaux-Girier (Jaguar)-1st in over 2-litre class.
2nd : Taylor-Mrs. Taylor (Jaguar).
3rd : Bray-Vernon (Jaguar).
4th : Grounds-Andrews (Jaguar),
5th : Cotton-Mme. Alain (Delahaye).
6th : Snow-Mrs. Snow (Jaguar).
7th : Di Stefano-Mlle. Stefano (Alfa-Romeo).
8th : Costa-Genet (1,200-c.c.Simca)—1st in 1 1/2-litre class.
9th : Ponsard-Plancaard (Jaguar).
10th : Lecerre-Mme. Lecerre (Citroen).
11th : Hewitt-Drewett (Bristol)-1st in 2-litre class.

SAN REMO D.P. (April 22nd)

This was a victory for the new 4 1/2-litre Ferraris, over 188 miles.

Results :
1st : Ascari (4 1/2-litre Ferrari), 2 hr. 57 min. 8.2 see. (about 64 m.p.h.).
2nd : Serafini (4 1/2-litre Ferrari), 1 min. 24.8 sec. behind.
3rd : Fischer (4 1/2-litre Ferrari), completed 88 laps.
4th : Schell (1 1/2-litre Maserati  s/c.), completed 87 laps

TULIP RALLY (April 27th)

lan Appleyard and his charming wife followed up last year's win in the Alpine Trial by bringing their XK 120 Jaguar home first in the Tulip Rally. Only 67 out of 287 starters reached the final control without penalty.

Results :
1st : I. Appleyard -Mrs. Appleyard (Jaguar).
2nd : R. Habisreutinger-W. Horning (Jaguar).
3rd : K. Ton-J. K. Kuiper -H. P. Wignands (Citroen).

1,100-1,500 c.c.:
1st: Th. J. Koks-K. de Jong-J. Wisker (Volkswagen).
2nd : C. I. de Vries-J. A. Moorman (Lancia).
3rd : J. W. C. van der Vossen-J. C. de Bilt (Peugeot).

750-1,100 c.c. :
1st. H. J. Voormolen-M. J. Voormolen (FIAT).
2nd : J. Sterk-L. J. van Slouten-H. Bak (FIAT).
3rd : Jhr. C. Hora Siccama-C. Bloem (Porsche).

UP TO 750 c.c. :
1st: H. Kreisel-Dr. Groenhart (Renault).
2nd : A. G. W. Kluck-G. H. Kluck (FIAT).
3rd : T. Dik-H. Dik (Renault). 

B.A.R.C. CLUB TRAM AWARD: Appleton-Imhof-Robinson

LADIES' PRIZE : Mme. G. Francoise-Singtande and Mme. Hustinx (Renault).



1,300 F. C. CLASS CARS. - 1st : E. B. Wadsworth (Dyna Panhard); 2nd : G. E. H. Wilson (Jowett Javelin); 3rd : W. W. Granger (Jowett Javelin).
OVER 1,500 C.C. CLASS. - 1st : J. C. Wallwork (Vanguard); 2nd : C. D. Chapman (Alvis Firefly); 3rd : D. L. Smith (Ford Consul).
1,500 C.C. OPEN CARS. - 1st : M. B. Colbeck (M.G.); 2nd : C. H. Westin (M.G.); 3rd : R. C. Burows (Dellow).
OVER 1,500 C.C. OPEN. - 1st : H. Crossley (Austin A90); 2nd : F. G. Davis (Healey); 3rd : J. R. Hall (Jaguar XK 120).
TEAM PRIZE. - Wadsworth, Granger and Smith
LADIES' PRIZE. - Miss M. Lewton (Jaguar XK120).
NOVICE'S PRIZE. - D. Ickringill (Triumph)
BEST PERFORMANCE IN ACCELERATION AND BRAKING TEST. - Tie between M. G. Burrows (Healey) and F. H. Bullock (Lea-Francis).


Twenty-nine veterans were inspected by the Lord Mayor, Councillor Fleetwood Hesken, who afterwards invited drivers and officials to lunch. After lunch the cars drove round the town, finishing at Marine Drive, where they competed in four tests. The first, an acceleration test, was won by K. Neve's 1914 T.T. Humber. The second, a fast-slow with a Le Mans start, was won by H. O. S. Bridcutt's 1911 Daimler, the other two, a width-judging competition and an acceleration test. during which passengers had to throw three potatoes into buckets, were won by Major Browell in his 1909 Napier and R. E. Hinds' 1910 Vulcan, respectively.

Results :


VETERAN CLASS: G. Mawer (1904 Oldsmobile).
EDWARDIAN CLASS: W. F. Watson (1911 Rolls-Royce).


CLASS I : N. T. Beardsell (1900 Progress).
CLASS II : M. E. Davenport (1901 Progress).
CLASS III : Major H. Browell (1909 Napier).
CLASS IV: K. Neve (1914 Humber).


After Ascari and Seratini had both crashed, Villoresi brought another of the new 220-b.h.p., Type 846, "InterAmerica" 4.1-litre. sports-coupe Ferraris home first in this stupendous 970-mile race, last survivor of the great town-to-town races that virtually died with Paris-Madrid in 1908. Villoresi averaged over 75 1/2 m.p.h. in spite of a bad crash. Next home was Bracco, in a Lancia Aurelia saloon of only 2 litres, a feat that is epic and ranks the latest Lancia as one of the world's great cars. Scotti's 2.6-litre Ferrari was third. Marzotto's 2-litre fourth. Cortese again drove well - remember the Tour de Sicily? - to finish eighth (second in his class), but even more outstanding was Fagioli's seventh place in a 1,100-c.c. Osca, at all but 70 m.p.h. The intervening places went to another Lancia Aurelia and a 4 1/2-litre Alfa-Romeo. Wisdom and Hume drove splendidly in a D.B.II Aston-Martin saloon to win the 3-litre class. The XK120 Jaguar engine of Biondetti's tubular-chassis special lost water due to a hose-leak and Moss and Johnson eliminated themselves when their XK120s skidded near the start. Allard also crashed. Stapleton and his wife put up a stout show by finishing, in an old Aston-Martin. So the 1951 Milk Miglia has come and gone and the battle transfers to Le Mans.

Results :

1st : L. Villoresi-Cassani (4.1-litre Ferrari), 12 hr. 50 min. 18 sec., 76.70 m.p.h.
2nd : Bracco-Maglioli (2-litre Lancia), 13 hr. 10 min. 14 sec., 7:3.70 m.p.h.
3rd : Scotti-Ruspagglari (2.6-litre Ferrari), 13 hr. 22 min. 4 sec.

750-C.C. PRODUCTION CARS : Descollonges-Grignoux (Dyna-Panhard). 55.67 m.p.h.
1,100-C.C. PRODUCTION CARS: Andreini-Quencioli (FIAT), 60.55 m.p.h.
1,500-C.C. PRODUCTION CARS: Anselmi-Giann (Lancia AprIlia), 66.06 m.p.h. 
750-C.C. CLOSED OR CONVERTIBLE: Ferraguti-Faido (FIAT Zagato), 58.81 m.p.h.
1,100-C.C. CLOSED OR CONVERTIBLE : Musitelli-Musitelli (Cistalla)
2,000-C.C. CLOSED OR CONVERTIBLE: Bracco (Lancia Aurelia).
OVER 2,000-C.C. CLOSED OR CONVERTIBLE, : Wisdom-Humw (Aston-Martin), 68.79 m.p.h.
SPORTS CARS, 750-C.C.: Zanninl-Bertozzo (FIAT Giannini), 63.01 m.p.h.
SPORTS CARS, 1,100-C.C.: L. Fagioll (Osca), 69.98 m.p.h.
SPORTS CARS, 2,000.C.C. : P. Marzotto (Ferrari), 71.92 m.p.h.
SPORTS CARS, OVER 2,000 c.c. : L. Villoresi (Ferrari) 76.70 m.p.h.


The Sunbeam-Register, which now has a membership of 220 Wolverhampton-built Sunbeams, attracted 27 of them to a rally at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, organised by Mrs. W. Boddy. where Brig. J. C. Walkey, C.B.E., Assistant Commandant, judged a Concours d'Eleganee after the Sunbeams had paraded round spacious La Marchant Square. After this, against a delightful background and watched by a quite large and obviously knowledgeable crowd, driving tests were undertaken, very ably prepared and marshalled by officer-cadets of the R.M.A. Motor Sports Club under the guidance of Capt. J. J. Regan, R.A.S.C.

Lt.-Comdr. Arkell's beautiful 1935 Twenty-five saloon won the Concours and the best performers in each test were as follows, the first car to attempt them being, appropriately, R. C. Carter's 1915 ex-W.D.-type Sunbeam :

QUICK-STARTING : Dr. J. Etheridge (1932 Twenty saloon).
GARAGE TEST: S. J. They (1934 Dawn saloon).
DOCILITY TEST: J. R. Rapley (1928 Sixteen tourer).
WIGGLE WOGOLE: Dr. J. Etheridge (1932 Twenty saloon).
100 YARDS-ACCELERATION: Dr. J. Etheridge (1932 Twenty saloon).
WIDTH-JUDGING : S. H. Darbishire (1926 "14/40" tourer) and I. E. Lankester (1929 Sixteen saloon).
HILL-RESTART: Mrs. Leroy (1931 Sixteen sports coupe), Dr. J. Etheridge (1932 Twenty saloon) and J. P. Sacs (1934 Speed-Twenty saloon).
AGGREGATE RESULTS : 1st, J. M. B. Dove (1929 Sixteen tomer), 992 marks ; 2nd, T. K. Wheeler (1929 Sixteen two-seater). 991 marks; 3rd, Dr. J. Etheridge (1932 Twenty saloon), 988 marks.


At the pleasant "old-world" 1/4-mile straight sprint at Gosport, Gooditew's "P3" Alfa-Romeo made f.t.d. in 13.76 sec.

Results :

SPORTS CARS (NON-S/C.) UP TO 1,100 C.C. - 1st: H. Lester (1,090-c.c. Lester-M.G.), 19.13 sec.; 2nd: B. H. Lister (939-c.c. Cooper-M.G.), 19.33 sec.; 3rd: R. W. Faulkner (1,072-c.c. Paul Special), 20.63 sec.
SPORTS CARS (NON-S/C.) UP TO 1,500 C.C. - 1st: P. W. C. Griffith (1,462-c.c. Lester-M.G.), 18.35 sec.; 2nd: G. A. Ruddock (1,500-c.c. H.R.G.), 18.64 sec.; 3rd: F. Morrish (1,500-c.c. H.R.G.), 20.52 sec.
SPORTS CARS (NON-S/C.) UP TO 2,500 C.C. - 1st: S. G. Greene (1,971-c.c. Frazer-Nash), 17.05 sec.; 2nd: G. G. Baster (1,911-c.c. Frazer-Nash-B.M.W.) 20.31 sec.; 3rd : G. R. Hartwell (2,265-c.c. Sunbeam-Talbot), 20.66 sec.
SPORTS CARS (NON-S/C.) UNLIMITED. - 1st: P. F. Payne (4,398-c.c. Hot Rod (Ford) Special), 15.62 sec.; 2nd: J. A. F. Cripps (4,375-c.c. Cripps Special), 16.72 sec.; 3rd: W. L. Cripps (4,375-c.c. Cripps Special), 17.50 sec.
SPORTS CARS 1,100 C.C., S/C. - 1st: R. G. Worth (1,100-c.c. Amilcar), 19.39 sec.; 2nd: M. Potter-Moore (1,087-c.c. M.G.), 19.45 sec.
SPORTS CARS 1,500 C.C. S/C. - 1st: F. C. Davis (1,435-c.c. M.G.), 17.79sec.; 2nd: D. W. Davis (1,286-c.c. M.G.), 18.28 sec.; 3rd: C. D. F. Buckler (1,172-c.c. Buckler), 18.52 sec.
SPORTS CARS 2,500 C.C. S/C. - 1st: W. J. Frost (1,7500-c.c. Alfa Romeo), 19.78 sec.
SPORTS CARS, UNLIMITED S/C. - 1st: G. Parker (2,664-c.c. Jaguette), 15.65 sec.; 2nd: W. J. Frost (1,7500-c.c. Alfa Romeo), 19.78 sec.
RACING CARS (NON S/C. OR S/C.) UP TO 500 C.C. - 1st: C. Tipper (498-c.c. Monaco), 16.91 sec.; 2nd: A. W. Richards (500-c.c. J.B.S.), 16.66 sec.; 3rd: Miss B. Haig (497-c.c. Cooper), 16.67 sec.
RACING CARS (NON S/C. OR S/C.) UP TO 1,100 C.C. - 1st: D. N. Brake (996-c.c. Cooper), 14.38 sec.; 2nd: J. Farley (996-c.c. Farley Special), 15.10 sec.; 3rd: C. Heath (1,097-c.c. Cooper), 16.42 sec.
RACING CARS (NON S/C. OR S/C.) UP TO 2,000 C.C. - 1st: J. B. Norris (2,000-c.c. Alfa Special), 14.23 sec.; 2nd: A. J. Stokes (1,500-c.c. Alfa), 15.70 sec.; 3rd: R. M. Cowell (1,500-c.c. Alta), 15.93 sec.
RACING CARS (NON S/C. OR S/C.) UNLIMITED. - 1st: J. Goodhew (2,99s-c.c. Alfa Romeo), 13.76 sec.; 2nd: M. Hukins (2,270-c.c. Bugatti), 15.10 sec.; 3rd: A. S. Raven (2,994-c.c. Bugatti), 15.20 sec.
SALOON CARS UP TO 14 H.P. - 1st: N. Freedman (13-h.p. Lancia), 23.20 sec.; 2nd: J. Erskine (14-h.p. Triumph), 25.07 sec.; 3rd: L. G. Green (14-h.p. Jaguar), 25.34 sec.
SALOON CARS OVER 14 H.P. - 1st: J. A. Shutler (30-h.p. Invicta), 19.22 sec.; 2nd: G. G. Baster (15.7-h.p. Frazer-Nash-B.M.W.), 20.45 sec.; 3rd: P. S. Jopling (30-h.p. Lagonda), 20.96 sec.

BORDEAUX G.P. (April 29th)

Run over about 170 miles.

1st : L. Rosier (4 1/2-litre Talbot), 3 hr. 7 min. 11.3 sec. 60.08 m.p.h.
2nd : Fischer (2 1/2-litre Ferrari). 3 hr. 8 min. 21.3 sec.
3rd : Peter Whitehead (Ferrari). 121 out of 123 laps.


Held at that former sprint venue, Madresfield, there were 30 runners and all the correct Shelsley Walsh sounds and smells.

Results :
F.T.D. : C. Hale (998-c.c. o.h.v. J.A.P., ex-works racer. close-ratio three-speed), 30.9 sec.
FASTEST CLASS II : M. B. Skirrow (1,096-c.c. o.h.v. J.A.P., 1933-34 Super Sports), 35.6 sec.
FASTEST CLASS III : R. Small (post-war Ford Eight, F-Super), 44.2 sec.
SIDE-VALVE TROPHY : L, Nalsby (1935. Matchless, Family).
S. G. WITHERS TANKARD: J. Hutcheson (1947 Ford Ten. F-Super).


F.T.D.: P. J. Stubberfield (Bugatti), 45.0 sec.
CLASS 1: C. S. Neame (847-c.c. M.G.), 61.0 sec. 
CLASS 2: J. Readings (1,250-c.c. M.G.), 53.0 sec.
CLASS 3: H. C. Mitchelmore (1,507-c.c. Singer), 64.2 sec.
CLASS 4: L. S. Richards (2,511-c.c. Alvis), 54.6 sec.
CLASS 5: C. Brough (3,500-c.c. Jaguar), 49.0 sec.
CLASS 6: C. Tipper (498-c.c. Monaco), 47.8 sec.
CLASS 7: J. Readings (1,250-c.c. M.G.), 52.8 sec.
CLASS 8: E. J. Gamsey (1,500-c.c. Maserati), 48.0 sec.
CLASS 9: E. Lloyd-Jones (21-litre FlyingSaucer), 45.2 sec.
CLASS 10: P. J. Stubberfield (Bugatti), 45.0 sec.  Wins £15.


FASTEST TIME OF THE DAY: J. D. Farley (996-c.c. Farley Special, s/c.), 13.8 sec.

UP TO 500 C.C.: 1st, C. Tipper (498-c.c. Monaco), 14.6 sec.; 2nd. E. Roberts (497-c.c. Cooper), 16.4 sec.
UP TO 750 C.C.: 1st, C. Tipper (498-c.c. Monaco), 15.4 sec.; 2nd, E. Roberts (497-c.c. Cooper), 16.2 sec.
UP TO 1,000 C.C.: 1st, D. N. Brake (996-c.c. Cooper), 14.0 sec. and 14.10 sec.; 2nd, J. D. Farley (996-c.c. Farley Special s/c.), 14.0 sec. and 14.4 sec. (two runs counted to decide tie).
UP TO 1,500 C.C.: 1st, C. Tipper (498-c.c. Monaco), 15.4 sec.; 2nd. E. Roberts (497-c.c. Cooper), 16.0 sec.
UNLIMITED: 1st, J. D. Farley (996-c.c. Farley Special, s/c.), 13.8 sec.; 2nd, D. N. Brake (996-c.c. Cooper), 14.0 sec.

UP TO 1,000 C.C.:  1st, B. H. Lister (1,087-c.c. Cooper-M.G.), 19.0 sec.; 2nd, D. R. B. Moore (847-c.c. M.G.), 19.4 sec.
UP TO 1,300 C.C.: 1st, B. H. Lister (1,087-c.c. Cooper-M.G.), 18.8 sec.; 2nd, L. J. Drew (1,089-c.c. Buckler Special, s/c.), 19.8 sec.
UP TO 1,500 C.C.: 1st, D. W. Davis (1,287-c.c. M.G. s/c.), 17.6 sec.; 2nd, P. Tabor (1,460-c.c. Lamgia), 18.4 sec.
UP TO 2,000 C.C.: I. L. Gillbanks (1,971-c.c. B.M.W.), 17.0 sec.; 2nd, S. G. Greene (1,971-c.c. Frazer-Nash), 17.2 sec.
UNLIMITED: 1st, G. Parker (2,664-c.c. Jaguette, s/c.), 15.2 sec.; 2nd, D. Crozier (8-litre Bentley), 16.0 sec.

UP TO 1,500 C.C.: 1st, R. J. Randall (1,200-c.c. Austin Sports), 22.8 sec.; 2nd, P. Harper (1,265 c.c. Hilamn), 23.0 sec.
UNLIMITED: 1st, G. H. Grace (2,443 c.c. Riley), 19.8 sec.; 2md, J. C. Smith (3,485-c.c. Jaguar) 20.4 sec.