G.P. of Monza Formula II (May 13th)

The race for Formula II cars held on the Monza track on Whit-Sunday was run in two separate heats, all competitors taking part in both events.  By addition of the times, the general classifications were decided.

Results :

FIRST HEAT, 25 LAPS. – 1st: A. Ascari (Ferrari), 57 min. 42.45 sec., 101.5 m.p.h.; 2nd: L. Villoresi (Ferrari), 57 min. 46 sec.; 3rd: M. Trintgant (Simca), 58 min. 45.8 sec.; 4th: S. Moss (H.W.M.); 5th: A. Simon (Simca).

SECOND HEAT, 25 LAPS. – 1st: L. Villoresi (Ferrari), A. Ascari (Ferrari), 57 min. 37.2sec., 101.8 m.p.h.; 3rd: S. Moss (H.W.M.), 58 min. 16.8 sec.; 4th: M. Trintgant (Simca); 5th: A. Simon (Simca).

GENERAL CLASSIFICATION. – 1st: A. Ascari (Ferrari), 1 hr. 55 min. 19.6 sec.; 2nd: L. Villoresi (Ferrari), 1 hr. 55 min. 23.2 sec.; 3rd: S. Moss (H.W.M.), 1 hr. 57 min. 2.6 sec.; 4th: M. Trintgant (Simca); 5th: A. Simon (Simca); 6th: R. Fischer (Ferrari); 7th: L. Bianchetti (Ferrari); 8th: P. Whitehead (Ferrari)

Fastest Lap: Ascari (Ferrari), 103.5 m.p.h.