Useful Electrical Accessories

Amongst some useful accessories which we can recommend are :-

Runbaken special tungsten ignition contacts. These have a very long life and ensure the maximum efficiency of the ignition circuit. They interchange with Lucas 407050 contacts such as used on Ford Eight and Ten cars, the reference number is IC701/Special. Makers: Runbaken Electrical Products, 71/73, Oxford Road. Manchester 1.

Delco-Remy oil-filled coil. This oil-coil provides a very intense spark which is maintained at high r.p.m. so that it is a very useful item on Specials which retain coil-ignition and are used in races or trials. The coil tested was the 12-volt. unit, reference number 1115043. It is noticeably light in weight. The makers are Delco-Remy-Hyatt, 111, Grosvenor Road, London, S.W.1. Price, 36/-.

Belling & Lee supply very neat and attractive ignition suppressors for preventing radio and T.V. interference: Their "Sparkmaster" screws into the distributor cap and has the effect of moving the T.V. aerial ten times as far from the vehicle as previously. It costs 2s. 6d. A cut-cable "Sparkmaster" is provided for distributor caps having side-entry cables, priced at 2s. each. Improved starting from cold is claimed, together with ability for an engine to use increased ignition advance. For greater interference immunity and long sparking-plug life the "Super Sparkrnaster" plug-cover suppressor, price 4s. 6d. each, is recommended.

For those who help T.V.-viewers by using their suppressors, Belling & Lee provide a screen transfer reading "Friend of T.V." They back their claims by technical findings and anticipate a big new business in "getting motorists suppressed." We suppose, unselfishly, we should fit suppressors but why we should have to pay for them is a point some will raise. The Government does not offer free suppressors but Shell do so, we understand, if you fill up with their petrol. The only T.V.-viewers who will be sorry when all our motor vehicles are fully "suppressed" will be those spinster ladies who like to be able to say "Oh, here comes Mrs. --'s husband, late for dinner as usual," or "There, off the Colonel goes to the pub, again," as momentarily wavy lines beset their look-in screens. As such viewers are in the minority, we suppose that before the Coronation we must be big and fit these gleaming plastic beauties - after all, most aspects of motoring are suppressed sooner or later ! Makers: Belling & Lee, Cambridge Arterial Road, Enfield, Middlesex.