The British Industry (2)

From Sir Clive Edwards, Bt.


I have read with interest the justifiable complaints of our overseas buyers with regard to British cars and equipment. Most of us in this country can substantiate these complaints. I feel the chief cause of this trouble lies in the fact that emphasis has been on quantity not quality. One correspondent mentions H.R.G. as being an exception with regard to service. Surely this is one of the great joys of individually-built cars by the small maker ? A visit to H.R.G. is far more a pleasant social affair than just a service call. Another firm from whom the writer has had quite monumental service and courtesy is Lea-Francis of Coventry, though a little bigger than the former.

Quite different from a visit of mine to a large firm, part of a large combine, where I waited one hour before being attended to and where my needs were only grudgingly allowed me, in spite of a small army of bemedalled commissionaires at every door and gate.

I am, Yours, etc.,