Brands Hatch (May 1st)

This meeting was rather thinly attended. However, there was a good entry of cars.

Race three, the senior, was battled out between Bicknell and Parker. Bicknell eventually won, but Stuart Lewis-Evans could not do better than fourth place. A Mr. J. Russell must be one of the most fortunate beings to be alive, as his car turned over three times, and he came out unhurt.

The 1,500-c.c. Sports-Car Race was easily won by Peter Gammon in his M.G.-Lotus; a number of the entrants appeared to suffer from mechanical trouble. The Whitsun Sprint was won by Thornton, driving an Arnott.

The 2,000-c.c. Sports-Car Race had quite a notable entry. At the commencement of the race it was evident that the battle would be fought between Crook (Cooper-Bristol) and Gammon (Lotus). Salvadori was never in the hunt, and finished a rather bad fourth — one expected better things from the Maserati. The most exciting part of this event was the duel between Crook and Gammon; both these drivers put up a very polished exhibition of driving.

The Whitsun Invitation Race nearly brought disaster to three drivers-all the incidents happened at the corner where Russell smashed up. First to go off was Headland, who luckily was not hurt. He was followed later by Cowley, who had a narrow squeak front had injury, as his car was pretty well wrecked. The last victim was Birch, who had a terrific crash; his car was also wrecked and he was taken away in an ambulance. The race was won at the fast speed of 70.11 m.p.h., and once again the battle was between the three maestros — Parker, Bicknell and Stuart Lewis-Evans. — J. C. M.

Junior Race (500 c.c.). — Heat 1, 7 laps: 1st: R. C. Hunt (Cooper). 7 min. 41.2 sec. (67.32 m.p.h.); 2nd: A. A. Butler (Staride); 3rd: R. C. Smith (J.B.S.).
Heat 2, 7 laps: 1st: P. Thornton (Arnott). 7 min. 55.2 sec, (65.75 m.p.h.); 2nd: C. G. Summers (Kieft.); 3rd. J. F. Denley (Cooper). Final. 10 laps: 1st: R. C. Hunt (Cooper). 10 min. 59 sec. (67.74 m.p.h.); 2nd: J. F. Denley (Cooper); 3rd: P. Thornton (Arnott); 4th: C. M. Jones (Cooper).
Senior Race (500 c.c.) (10 laps). — 1st: R. G. Bicknell (Revis), 10 min. 47 sec. (69 m.p.h.); 2bd: D. Parker (Kieft); 3rd: I. L. Bueb (Cooper).
Sports-Car Race (1,500 c.c.) (25 laps). — 1st: P. D. Gammon (Lotus). 28 min. 50 sec. (64.51 m.p.h.); 2nd: J. Riseley-Pritchard (Cooper-Connaught); 3rd: M. Anthony (Lotus).
Whitsun Sprint (500 c.c.) (10 laps). — 1st: P. Thornton (Arnott), 11 min. 16.2 sec. (66.02 m.p.h.): 2nd J. Caddey (Emeryson); 3rd: G. M. Jones (Cooper).
Sports-Car Race (up to 2,000 c.c.) (30 laps). — 1st: T. A. D. Crook (Cooper-Bristol), 33 min. 35.8 sec. (66.43 m.p.h.); 2nd : P. D. Gammon (Lotus): 3rd M. Anthony (Lotus).
Whitman Invitation Race (500 c.c.) (15 Iaps). — 1st: D. Parker (Kieft). 15 min. 55 sec. (70.11 m.p.h.); 2nd: R. G. Bicknell (Revis); 3rd: S. Lewis-Evans (Cooper).