S.T.D Register Navigational Rally (April 29th)

Fifteen members of the Sunbeam S.T.D. Register took part in a Navigational Rally organised by a Member, R.C. Carter, which started and finished at the "Red Lion", Hatfield, on April 29th. The police, consulted beforehand, advised cutting out two villages known to be anti-rally, which was done, naturally, but a 38-mile route in Hertfordshire remained. Competitors had to spot Latin inscriptions on public houses, investigate cress-beds, count the (40) arches in a splendid railway-viaduct near Codicote, spot factories and check numbers in telephone kiosks and on letter-boxes, etc.

The winner was R. Frost, who wished to stand down as he lives locally and knows the area, but who was persuaded to take his prize as he got round the course very slickly in a 1931 Sunbeam Sixteen which he had only put together the evening before. Second place went to F.W. Joyce, who had motored all the way from Gloucestershire with his wife in his immaculate 1934 Sunbeam Speed Twenty saloon (it has grouped chassis lubrication nipples and hydraulic shock-absorbers), his son having come down from Leicester in a Jowett Javelin to act as navigator. Third place was taken by G. Hughes in a 1926 Sunbeam 3-litre twin-cam tourer, and fourth place by Mrs. Williams' 1934 Sunbeam Speed Twenty saloon. These competitors solved all the clues but took varying times for the outing.

InĀ  the evening C.F. South joined the party with his famous and spotless 1912 Sunbeam 12/16 tourer and only then did a front tyre deflate on Carter's 1921 23/60 Sunbeam limousine, in which, with a Ioad of his and the Boddy's children, he had followed competing cars round the course. His 1932 Sunbeam Twenty-five was also out, to give assistance.

A similar event, organised by K.G. Langley, was held in Worcestershire on May 27th, and on the evening of June 18th members will be the guest of Mr. Arthur Fox, sponsor of the pre-war racing Talbot team, at Fox & Nicholl's garage on the Kingston By-Pass. The annual Wolverhampton Weekend, when Sunbeams return to the place of their birth, is scheduled for July 21st/22nd.

Hon. Registrar : Mrs. W. Boddy, Carmel, Wood Lane, Fleet, Hampshire.