Pictorial Review

B.A.R.C. Goodwood International, Grand Prix de Monaco, “Daily Express” Silverstone International, Bugatti O.C. Prescott, West Essex C.C. Snetterton, B.R.S.C.C. Crystal Palace, Maidstone & Mid Kent M.C. Silverstone

Top: The Hawthorn/Chapman battle at Goodwood thrilled the spectators on Whit-Monday. Here Hawthorn’s Lotus-Climax takes Chapman’s sister car on the inside coming into Madgwick Corner. Later in the race Chapman spun at this point while holding off the rival Lotus, Hawthorn hit him and, requiring a pit-stop to attend to a damaged wing, lost the race.

Bottom: Big Sports Cars Away! – Bob Berry in Broadhead’s Jaguar leads Fairman (H.M.W.), Steed (Cooper-Jaguar), Flockhart (Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar), Head (Cooper Jaguar), Baillie (Jaguar), Titterington (Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar), Scott-Brown (Lister-Maserati), and Anthony (Lotus-Bristol) in the race he won so convincingly at Goodwood on Whit-Monday, before crashing in the Whitsun Trophy Race.

*   *   *

In The News. – A spectacular picture of Monte Carlo, so prominently in the news recently on account of H.S.H. Prince Rainier’s wedding to Grace Kelly and Stirling Moss’ great victory in the Monaco Grand Prix. Here, 200 yards after the start, Moss (No. 28) is already a length ahead of castellotti’s Ferrari, while well placed behind is Schell’s Vanwall and Fangio’s Ferrari almost neck-and-neck ahead of the rest of the field.

Two Wins. – R. Salvadori won both the sports-car races easily at the “Daily Express” B.R.D.C. Silverstone Race Meeting. Here he is drifting close in to the concrete corner-edging in the 3-litre Aston Martin DB3S.

500-c.c. Victor. – Jim Russell’s Cooper-Norton winning the Formula III race at Silverstone at an average speed of 88.94 m.p.h.

Result of a Le Mans start. – T. Herington’s Jaguar is out of the picture already, as Moss leads Salvadori and Hawthorn slides after the victorious Aston Martins in his D-type Jaguar.

No-Go. – Fangio has taken over Collins’ Lancia-Ferrari after the retirement of his own, at Silverstone. For once the World Champion’s face reflects what he feels.

Proved! – The two Vanwalls which put up such a splendid performance on their first 1956 appearance at the “Daily Express” B.R.D.C. Silverstone Meeting. Schell, who here leads, did a practice lap at over 103 m.p.h. and Moss, tailing him, won the International Trophy Race at record speed, sharing a new Silverstone lap record of 102.3 m.p.h. with the B.R.M. Stout work, Tony Vandervell!

Contrast! – Reg. Parnell demonstrates the stability of the 1 1/2-litre Borgward Isabella TS, which won its class in the “Daily Express” Touring-Car Race, while the works-entered 1 1/2-litre M.G. Magnette wallows and lurches, behind.

Still Supreme. – The Mk. VII Jaguar of Ivor bueb won outright the silverstone Touring-Car Race, after a grand duel against Wharton in the three-Weber-carburetter, Monte Carlo Rally, Austin A90.

Watching and Waiting. – Archie Scott-Brown has the Connaught well upon the tail of Salvadori’s Maserati at Silverstone, after he had decided not to keep up with the leaders but to wait and see what happened. Salvadori crashed; Scott-Brown finished in second place.

F.T.D. at Prescott. – MIchael christie in characteristic stance, ascending in 43.65 sec. in is V-twin Cooper 1,100 on the occasion of the Bugatti Owners’ Club International Speed Hill-Climb on May 6th.

Wharton at an Old Haunt. – Ken Wharton driving a Cooper 1,100 round one pof Prescott’s many corners. He clocked 44.15 sec.

Nearly! – J.H. Brooks was in this predicament on both his runs in his Cooper-M.G. at Prescott.

Squib Like. – The lone B.R.M. went extremely well at Silverstone until it went out, setting a new lap record of 102.3 m.p.h., shared with Moss (Vanwall). Hawthorn deserves far better than this.

Bugatti at a Bugatti O.C. Meeting. – Ted Robins’ blown 2.3-litre Grand Prix model ascending Prescott in 49.80 sec.

*   *   *

Another First-Class British Driver. – Peter collins, now a Ferrari team driver, holding a safe second place at Monaco in a car he didn’t damage, whereas Fangio bent his badly before taking over this car.

Ferraris Together. – Castellotti leads Fangio by a small margin, with the World champion gritting his teeth to pass his team-mate. Later Fangio used all the road here, grazing the wall on the left of the picture, when trying to gain on Moss.

In the lead from start to finish. – Stirling Moss on his way to his convincing victory at Monaco in the works Maserati, with Weber carburetters and four-speed gearbox. The Fangio/Collins Ferarri made no impression on Moss, who won at a speed of 104.514 k.p.h.

French and Italian. – Manzon’s six-cylinder Gordini drawing past Castellotti in the Ferrari, badly bent ealier in the race by Fangio, as they go into the Gasworks Corner.

Catching up again. – Fangio trying to catch Behra, after he had spun allowing the Maserati to pass.

*   *   *

Lady. – Miss Pat Burt’s Aston Martin seen cornering at copse during the Maidstone and Mid-Kent M.C. race meeting at Silverstone on May 12th. Miss burt drove very steadily in several of the events but came up against some stiff opposition.

Old Hand. – Austin Nurse driving the lister-Bristol at Silverstone. May 12th was his lucky day for he won two of the events and came second in two others in this well-tried car which he is using for this season’s racing.

That Man Again. – Archie Scott-Brown at the wheel of the lister-Maserati during the West Essex C.C. National Meeting at Snetterton on May 19th. Archie suceeded in winning one of the “Double Twelve” Trophy Race heats against a difficult handicap. The car later retired with serious mechanical trouble in the Goowood Race Meeting on Whit-Monday.

Bueb Strikes Again. – Ivor Bueb at Crystal Palace on Whit-Monday. Winner of heat two of the Redex Challenge Trophy and joint holder of the new 500-c.c. lap record for this circuit with Lewis-Evans, Bueb put uo a good display of driving on this tricky circuit.

Lull before the storm. – 500s lined up for the start of heat two of the Redex Challenge trophy Race at Crystal Palace on Whit-Monday. In the front row, from left to right, are Hall (Cooper), Brown (Staride) and Jones (Kieft). The heat was won by Ivor Bueb, with Hall second and ones third.