While the Aston Martin single-car effort had little hope against the full Ferrari team it was good to see them in Sicily. Only shortage of time prevented a full team running; the lone car certainly left its mark on the Targa Florio records, with the record lap by Moss.

After assiduously learning the difficult circuit it was a pity Brooks did not get a drive. He had to sit and be a spectator all day, as once in the pits you are trapped until the race is over.

Scarlatti was having his first drive in a Porsche and the team certainly made him work, doing four laps in the RSK and seven laps in the RS. His best lap was in 46 min. 27 sec. in the RSK, compared with Behra’s best in 44 min. 17 sec. Von Hanstein did a remarkable 47 min. 40 sec. with the Carrera, a car that really impressed.

The Anglo-Saxon-speaking element in the Ferrari team seemed to take a very childish view of the race, which was obviously more difficult and harder work than they have been used to and for once they ” had to earn their money,” so it was not surprising that the little Porsche made them look silly. Behra was making his first try at the Targa Florio and looked upon it as a personal challenge to his driving ability and guts, and he came out on top.

Both Musso and Gendebien are well experienced in Sicilian mountain driving, having done the Giro Sicilia many times, and they were never seriously challenged from start to finish.

It would seem that Sicily is the last remaining stronghold of real ” men’s motor racing ” with no rules and no holds barred. Long may the Sicilian bandits reign and keep ” civilisation ” from their beautiful island, and long may Cavv. Vicenzo Florio continue to ruin his Targa.-D. S. J.