B.A.R.C. Whitsun Meeting

Good racing before a small crowd was seen at Goodwood on May 18th. The big race was the 21-lap Whitsun Trophy, for non-s/c sports cars.

Clark (Lister-Jaguar) took the lead from Flockhart after seven laps and looked like winning for the Border Reivers. He ran out of petrol three laps later — but Clark’s day will come; he flings his car about in that confident individual manner which the crowd loves. So Ecurie Ecosse won, Flockhart’s Tojeiro-Jaguar finishing 10.6 sec. ahead of Bekaert in Wilkinson’s Lister-Jaguar, Blond third in the other Ecurie Ecosse entry, another Lister-Jaguar. Whitehead’s DBR1 wasn’t quick enough. Flockhart Averaged 88.51 m.p.h. from the Le Mans start. In the supporting races Lumsden’s Lotus Elite vanquished the lot, Sir G. Baillie’s 3.4 Jaguar included, Lawry’s Elite third, Douglas Hull’s E.R.A. won the Pre-War Scratch Race, Hurrell remained leader of the TR3 brigade, winning the Marque Scratch Race from Lawrence’s Morgan and de Selincourt’s TR3, these beating three Twin-Cam M.G.s while another retired, and, finally, the two Whitsun Handicaps were won, respectively, by Utley’s Lotus and Fletcher’s Twin-Cam M.G. — W.B.