Car prices on the Common Market




Whilst looking through that absorbing book “The Motor Industry,” by Maxey and Silberston*, I noticed a calculation which struck me as being of interest to your readers. This is admittedly quoted out of context and reads as follows: “The VW was sold in this country at the end of 1956 at a retail price of £422.10s., excluding purchase tax. As the purchase tax (£212 12s.) was at the rate of 60 per cent, of the wholesale price, the latter must have been about £354, and the distributor’s margin must have been about £68 10s., i.e., just over 16 per cent. of the retail (or basic) price. Since the wholesale price or £354 included an import duty of 30 per cent., the landed price must have been about £270.”

Now taking this example further, I have calculated the probable selling prices in the U.K. of several representative foreign cars. Assuming import duties were abolished – see accompanying table. The word “probable” is used, because the text included the conclusion that high import duties force foreign manufacturers to pare landed prices to the minimum. However, it is interesting to consider which car one would buy., if a free market (E.C.M. or E.T.A.) choice were available, and also to see the degree of protection offered by the current 30 per cent duty. Note also that purchase tax is also levied on the duty added to the landed price.

I am, Yours, etc.,

J. Hudman.

* “The Motor Industry,” by Maxey and Silberston. Allen and Unwin (1959). price 25s. Extract from Appendix C (Page 218).


Formula Junior racing at Monza

On April 23rd races were held on the new Formula Junior circuit at Monza, which uses the two main straights and the south curve, and a new length of circuit involving some corners, joining the two straights. On Saturday three races, each of 26 laps, or 62 kilometres, were run on the Junior circuit, the large entry being divided up into three groups for these elimination races. The Stanguellini monopoly in this form of racing received a big setback at the hands of OSCA-Fiat, Lancia-Dagrada and Cooper-D.K.W., and the results make interesting reading. On Sunday, April 24th the whole entry took part once more, this time in two heats on the Monza road circuit, each heat was over 26 laps, or 149.5 kilometres, the General Classificaton being by addition of times.

April 23rd:

First Junior Circuit

1st: J. Savaniers (Cooper-D.K.W.) – 127.142 k.p.h.

2nd: R. Pirocchi (Stanguellini-Fiat).

3rd: C. Davis (OSCA-Fiat).

4th: J.M. Bordeu (Stanguellini-Fiat).

5th: H. Grandsire (Stanguellini-Fiat).

6th: R. Spychiger (OSCA-Fiat).

Fastest lap: J.M. Bordeu (Stanguellini) in 1 min. 06 sec. – 130.090 k.p.h.

Second Junior Circuit

1st: M. May (Stanguellini-Fiat) – 125.858 k.p.h.

2nd: L. Facetti (Facetti-Lancia).

3rd: R. Zanarotti (Stanguellini-Fiat).

4th: P. Nogueira (Stanguellini-Fiat).

5th: A. Bec (Stanguellini-Fiat).

6th: M. Boffa (Stanguellini-Fiat).

Fastest lap: L. Facetti (Facetti) in 1 min. 11 sec. – 127.767 k.p.h.

Third Junior Circuit

1st: G. Baghetti (Dagrada-Lancia) – 127.476 k.p.h

2nd: C. Smith (Cooper-Austin).

3rd: M. Bandini (Stanguellini-Fiat).

4th: R. Lippi (de Sanctis-Fiat).

5th: R. Cammarota (Stangellini-Fiat).

6th: M. Terra (Stanguellini).

Fastest lap: L. Scarfiotti and G. Baghetti, in 1 min. 06.2 sec. – 129.697 k.p.h.

April 24th:

Heat 1 – Monza Road Circuit – 26 laps – 149.500 Kilometres

1st: G. Baghetti (Dagrada-Lancia) – 55 min. 22.7 sec. – 161.976 k.p.h.

2nd: J.M. Bordeu (Stanguellini-Fiat) – 55 min. 22.8 sec.

3rd: H. Grandsire (Stanguellini-Fiat) – 55 min. 23.0 sec.

4th: L. Facetti (Facetti-Lancia).

5th: R. Pirocchi (Stanguellini-Fiat).

6th: R. Lippi (de Sanctis-Fiat).

Fastest lap: C. Davis (OSCA-Fiat) in 2 min. 2.4 sec. – 169.118 k.p.h.

Heat 2 – Monza Road Circuit – 26 laps – 149.500 k.p.h

1st: C. Davis (OSCA-Fiat) – 54 min. 25.1 sec. – 164.834 k.p.h.

2nd: M. May (Stanguellini-Fiat) – 55 min. 23.3 sec.

3rd: G. Baghetti (Dagara-Lancia) – 55 min. 28.1 sec.

4th: J.M. Bordeu (Stanguellini-Fiat).

5th: H. Grandsire (Stanguellini-Fiat).

6th: R. Lippi (de Sanctis-Fiat).

Fastest lap: C. Davis (OSCA-Fiat) in 2 min. 2.8 sec. – 168.567 k.p.h.

General Classification: (Total times for 52 laps – 299 Kilometres)

1st: G. Baghetti (Dagrada-Lancia) – 1 hr. 50 min. 50.8 sec.

2nd: J.M. Bordeu (Stanguellni-Fiat) – 1 hr. 50 min. 51.2 sec.

3rd: H. Grandsire (Stanguellini-Fiat) – 1 hr. 51 min. 10.5 sec.




The Tulip Rally

This year’s event came to a sensational end when the leading Citroën ID19 of G. Verrier and R. Trautmann crashed badly only five miles from the finish, almost wrecking the car. The roof was torn off and the driver’s side of the car badly damaged. However, it was still driveable and by manually turning the front wheels it was coaxed to the finish. Highest-placed British car was the Austin Healey 3000 of Pat Moss and Ann Wisdom, who finished eighth, also winning the Coupe des Dames, and their Class. A Jaguar XKI50S driven by E. J. Hadden end C. H. Vivian tied for ninth place with the 3.8 Jaguar of J. P. Boardman and J. W. Whitworth and two foreign entries. Jaguars won three classes. Triumphs two and Morgans one, while the Mercedes-Benz team took the Manufacturers’ Team Prize.


1st: G. Verrier/R. Trautmann (Citroën ID19).

2nd: C. Orrenius/R. Dahlgren (Saab 96).

3rd: W. Schock/R. Moll (Mercedes-Benz 220SE).