Vintage postbag, June 1960




“The best thing for the newcomer vintage car enthusiast and owner to do, is to join the Club or Register associated with his car, and he will find help, technical advice, spares lists, manuals and information available, and have the chance to meet other owners of similar cars…”

How many times has one read this sort of advice? Sound advice, let me say!

My vintage car is a good sound vehicle, albeit its bodywork is not original and is not all exact replica of the original model, but generally similar. The car was rescued, by its previous owner, from a barn, towed home, stripped completely and the deteriorated bodywork discarded. The engine was rebuilt and a new alloy body constructed and fitted, together with new hood and sidescreens and a set of new tyres … again it was on the road!

It then came into my hands and I applied to join the appropriate Register; my main aim being to fully restore the car, as best I can, to its original specification.

“Sorry, but we cannot accept the car as it is!” Well, how does one now get help, technical advice, lists of spares, manuals and information, etc., to enable the car to be bettered and restored? You cannot join the Register because the car is not a true replica, and you cannot easily make it a true replica without the information and spares available through the Register!

For what purpose does this Register exist?

I am, Yours, etc.,

Marston Green. – “Lepus Europaeus.”

[If the Register concerned recognises this correspondent he or she may care to offer a public explanation of what seems an unhelpful attitude. – Ed.]