Duesenberg service




I was very interested in the article in your number of this month n the Duesenberg – I had the model referred to in this article, bought in Pasadena, and for which Walter Murphy of that town built a sedan body. In this country it created a furore everywhere it was seen.

The service one got with it is of interest – the car was nominally guaranteed for a year and just after that time had elaipsed, the silencer and end of the exhaust system burned out. The Hollywood agents charged me 125 dollars to replace this, so I wrote to Duesenberg and received a personal letter from him, furious with his agents and assuring me that his cars were guaranteed for all time, and that any improvement on any part of the car would at any time be supplied free of charge. This was in fact carried out.

I am delighted that Mr. Phillips has been able to make so good a restoration of this greatest of all cars.

I am, Yours, etc.

Storrington. – Algernon J. James.