Mintex reply


“Seventeen shillings for fitting just one pair of brake shoes with linings which were my own property”, writes Mr DI Williams in your April publication. We should like to complete this story for your readers.

The liners provided by Mr Williams consisted of four flat pieces of 1-in, thick material of a competitive make which, dimensionally, were totally unsuitable. It was necessary to cut these to length and width, heat and form to radius, drill, clamp and rivet to the two brake shoes after inserting metal shims, one of which had to be made. This work occupied a fitter, with over 26 years’ relining experience, for a total of 11/2 hours.

Mr Williams complains about the price but, may we ask, was he satisfied with the service provided by the Mintex Service Depot, Southwark Street, London, which put his “one drum brake Trojan” back on the road, and obliged him by fitting another manufacturer’s material ?

I am, Yours, etc, for British Belting & Asbestos Ltd 

E Gill, Sales Manager, Replacement Department. Cleckheaton.