I was delighted to read your reference to the National Sprint Association, of which I am one of the founder members, and I see no reason why a similar association for the organisation of Sprints should not be created by the enthusiasts in the car world as it has been in ours.

In 1957 a group of us, who liked doing this sort of thing on motorcydes, got together, and over-night the National Sprint Association was born. Today. the finest exponents of the art-of getaway in the country and the world are members, and give their support to clubs organising sprints and hill-climbs both here and abroad. Engine Capacity, and engine capacity only, is the basis of competition, and we have no little Hitlers or big business barons laying down the law on machine construction and preparation, the bane of all car racing formulae and motorcycle racing today. No one gives a hoot what fuel Tom has in his tank, whether Dick’s cams have Miss Mansfield’s contours, or that Harry has cunningly added a blower; it is sport with a capital “S” and he with the wit and intelligence to combine maximum bhp with maximum traction deservedly proves to be the winner. There are no cash prizes and no one wants any.

Cost of machine preparation and maintenance is within the reach of all, and one does not have to purchase a new bike, or car for that matter, in order to put up a decent show. For instance; Mr LN Cole, our Secretary, and I resurrected our 1927 Brooklands Douglases, and these arthritic old warriors have ascended Shelsley Walsh in under 40 sec, and returned 12.81 sec over the standing-start 1/4-mile. Is there a car in Britain that can better this latter performance ?

It is many years since Mr Laurence Hartley suggested that we should have British National Records for the standing-start and the flying-start and at long last this has come to pass. In my turn, may I suggest that car sprint enthusiasts get together as we did and put their sprinting upon a firm basis also; there are many who would like to see this done. I have met them and enjoyed their company and hospitality when we have been invited to compete at Long Marston and Shelsley Walsh.

I am, Yours, etc.,

Joseph Bayley. Charlton.