A Smart Commercial


When clearing out some old transport files last week, I came across the enclosed photograph, which I feel might be of interest to your vintage enthusiast readers.

The vehicle illustrated is one of two Albion M40 30-cwt chassis, which were delivered to our coach-builders in the early part of 1929. This photograph was taken in April of that year, the day that the vehicle left the paint shop. This long remained in the service of my company until 1946, when it was replaced by the then current Albion 2-ton chassis, During that time it covered several hundreds of thousands of miles with only one engine overhaul, and simply routine maintenance of the bodywork. Particularly noteworthy, I feel, is the very high standard of finish achieved by the coach builders of the day, unfortunately a lost art in 1962.

What splendidly proportioned vehicles the vintage commercials were!

Richard Skilbeck, London SE5.