This time it is mostly Corgi. Some covetable models have been released by Playcraft Toys Ltd. Those of greatest interest to the majority of MOTOR SPORT readers will be the set of Monte Carlo Rally cars depicting the winning Cooper-Mini S No. 50, the Rover 2000 cars, 136 which was second and the Citroen DSI9, No. 75, which took third place. These are fitted out with extra lamps, rally plaques, etc., and the Rover has Corgi Trans-o-Lite headlamps which appear to switch on and off. A splendid record of this year’s Monte Carlo Rally, this is Gift Set No. 38.

Another Corgi miniature which will make an enormous impact on Edwardian-era fanatics is a fine model of a 1910 Renault 12/16 coupe, equipped with ” brass ” headlamps and sidelamps, artillery wheels, realistic moulded hood and even the door handles and hinges. Seats and steering wheel are visible and, beneath the car, sump, transmission and exhaust pipe stand out. The upper half of the windscreen is open and the famous Renault ” coal-scuttle” bonnet and radiator are well reproduced, although the brass beading of the former and tubing of the latter might have been picked out. This very pleasing addition to the Corgi Classics Series is available in a choice of lavender or primrose yellow, measures 4 in. in length and costs 8s. 3d.

A modern Corgi model just released is No. 320, a Ford Mustang 2+2 fastback, with opening doors, seats that tilt, spoked ” wire “ wheels, and very detailed exterior, even to a chromed horse insignia on the grille. Those who collect models of American automobiles will be very pleased with this fine 3¾ in.-long replica which sells for 6s. 9d. Other recent additions to the Corgi range embrace a B.M.C. Mini Countryman with surfboard equipment (No. 485), a forward-control Jeep FC-150 with detachable hood (No. 470) and Gift Set No. 33 which comprises a Fordson Power Major tractor with steering and driver towing a beast-carrier full of animals, which has detachable wire-netting, etc. A previous Corgi Gift Set, No. 32, featured a Massey-Ferguson 65 tractor with operating shovel and the new Corgi farm tipper, this set selling at 11s. 9d.

To a smaller scale (62 : 1), Lesney have a little ” Matchbox” Ferrari Berlinetta, No. 75, only 2 7/8 in. long, but with windows, detailed interior, dual exhausts, a ” Prancing Horse ” badge, etc. It costs only 2s. And their latest in the ” Models of Yesteryear” series is a 1911 model-T Ford (No. Y-1), three inches long, a brass-radiator tourer (although, as on the Corgi model-Ts, the radiator is badly represented, with thick sides) with removable hood, priced at a modest 5s. The scale of this one is 42 : 1.

What fun miniatures-collecting is and what a very high standard the manufacturers of these little models maintain.—W. B.