Juan Jover Races

Barcelona Formula Two, (April 24th)-6o laps-227 kilometres.

The Spanish Club having more starting money available they were able to attract the bulk of the Formula Two runners, including the Brabham-Honda team, the Tyrell Matra team, Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Mike Spence and many others. The race was held on the interesting 3.79 kilometre circuit in the Montjuich Park, which is full of corners, climbs and descents, and after practice it looked as if Brabham and Hulme with their Honda-powered cars were going to have another “demonstration run.” Rain on race day altered things, however, and Stewart in Tyrell’s Matra-Cosworth ran away from the Brabham-Honda team until he was delayed at the pits by a flat battery, due to a fault in the charging system, and while a new battery was fitted Brabham took the lead and held it to the finish. Once again Clark was out of the picture with the Ron Harris Lotus 44, this team seeming to be as unsuccessful this year as they were successful last year. Spence had an accident with Tyrell’s Matra-B.R.M., which he was driving in place of lckx, and damaged a foot, while other competitors had spins and crashes on the streaming wet surface.

Formula Three Race—Two Heats and a Final of 30 laps, 113 kilometres, in the dry.
1st : A. Beckwith (Lola-Ford) 58 min. 58.83 sec. 116.674 k.p.h.
2nd: C. Williams (Brabham-Ford)
3rd : H. Stiller (Brahham-Ford)
4th : B.W. Hart (Lotus-Ford)
5th : P. Courage (Lotus-Ford)
6th : C. Crichton-Stuart (Brabham-Ford).
Fastest lap : B.R. Hart (Lotus-Ford) in 1 min. 43.85 sec.-131.404k.p.h.