More about the Jaguar E-Type


As an ex-owner of a 15OS I was interested in your article on the E-type, also recent Jaguar correspondence. Whilst I agree that they represent very good value for money the service facilities in England are not good, and on the Continent even worse.

If I purchase a well-known make of car I do expect availability of a certain amount of spares, And also a good service network. Instead, all the Jaguar agents I have visited in European countries are not even particularly interested in Jaguar cars; in fact three of them went to lengths to explain how much better were Mercedes!

Because most of my motoring is on the Continent I could not risk a repetition of delays locating agents and waiting for spares, so I purchased a Renault R8 Gordini; now I expect, and always get, all spares and service, whether in England or anywhere else. The Jaguar company would do well to note, particularly with a view to export.

Alicante. P. Wolfe.