More experience with an M.G.-B


I was certainly interested to read of Mr. Reaveley’s M.G.-B motoring having a “B” now ten months old with 15,000 on the clock. My immediate reaction was why did this gentleman buy one?

Within the price range I think it is a very good buy, and the safety fast slogan well applied, but I would think twice before buying again.

(1) Paintwork rusting within six weeks of delivery, partial respraying carried out under guarantee but it’s going again, und the general paint finish I consider to be poor.

(2) Bodywork still leaks despite worthy efforts by the local distributors in Coventry as does the second hood.

(3) Differential replaced, faulty brakes, faulty door locks, blown head gasket replacement rear silencer; need I go on?

I know this car sells and basically is a winner in its class, but for heaven’s sake B.M.C. wake up to the fact the buying public are not going to tolerate this if another manufacturer can offer a similar car that is well built.

I do not ask that a new car should measure up to my every dream and wish, because that car has yet to be built, but let’s have more accent on quality and value for money.

Finally, I would challenge B.M.C. to reply without reference to “this must be an isolated instance,” for it is not.

Warwick. P. J. Parkes.