National Alvis Day (May 19th)

Alvis cars, 220 all told, congregated at the Crystal Palace for this 13th annual rally, concours d'elegance and driving test. The oldest cars there included a 10/30 two-seater, a 1923 12/40 saloon on herring-bone Dunlops, and a painstakingly restored 12/40 chassis. Silver plaques were awarded to Urquhart-Dykes and S. C. H. Davis (for whom Gerry Dunham deputised) to commemorate the 41st anniversary of their Le Mans successes in F.W.D. Alvises. Three of these cars were present, in one of which Mr. and Mrs. Dykes went for a ride. Another interesting Alvis was Micaael May's ex-Brooklands special Silver Eagle.