Your “Rumblings” feature on the National Motor Museum interested me, especially as I hope to pay a visit in a few weeks time, to compare it with the Montagu presentation which I knew well.

I appreciated the nostalgic referencea to our “boyhood” era—”the Tinplate Citroëns, P2 Alfas etc.” I can still recall the price paid for my P2. It was 25/-. They must be worth a fortune to serious collectors (like our friend Dr Gibson) today. Incidentally I was always proud of the fact that Donald Campbell was also the owner of one of these models. The Citroëns were exceptionally good, but I think that the Ford models marketed by Woolworth’s can never have been beaten for quality and value. I recall the coupé, saloon and tourer to which you refer, and I also remember having a two-seater plus dickey with hood (tinplate of course). All these models were in black in true Henry Ford tradition. I wonder if you can recall another excellent model which was available from Woolworth’s—the bull-nosed Morris tourer circa 1923-4 which was complete with every possible piece ot external detail—even the Boyce thermometer on the radiator cap! —and all for “a tanner”!

As you can guess, our interests have followed similar patterns over a similar period of time. My earliest recollection of a motor sport event was when I absented myself from school in order to attend a sand racing event at a North Eastern resort. As a schoolboy I was honoured to meet Sir Malcolm Campbell. I also saw my other hero—Segrave—but regrettably this was on the tragic occasion at Windermere. Through the years my interest in all forms of motor sport has been maintained and I would like to take this opportunity to say a very sincere thank you to yourself and D.S.J. and all your team who do so much to stimulate and maintain these interests for myself and so many others like me!

Long may you continue the good work.

G.E. Porrett – West Monkseaton

[The first person to remember those Woolworth’s Model Ts. But I missed the Morris,— Ed.]