A Young Beetle Fan


I want you to know about our Volkswagen 1302 Super Beetle. We purchased it as new on 1st August, 1972. After about a year we decided to pet-name it "Herbert". It was on our 1973 summer holiday in which it got up to some hairy antics. On leaving our camp on Mull it backfired and stopped. Its distributor cap cracked; anyway it was due for servicing. Soon a white Ford Capri 1600 towed us into a garage and restaurant place. We were stuck there for eight hours which seemed only four hours. Later some American tourists picked us up in their Volkswagen Variant. They lived in Buckinghamshire. We spent a night in their holiday cottage. After servicing Herbert (the distributor cap was sealed up by a local mechanic; we got home) he turned very reliable. Remember, I am not trying to mislead any people about Beetles; in fact I want the Beetle to go on and on, haunting Volkswagen showrooms. Motor Sport is a very good magazine; good luck to you and every reader. Long live Motor Sport.

Middlesbrough Benjamin Burnett (Age 10)

[Recently we had a letter from a 90-year-old reader. Nor do we often receive letters from 10-year-old boys. It does show a wide readership scale!—Ed.]