While one cannot but agree with all you say about C. C. Wakefield, may I add a footnote about one of the other companies you mention, i.e. Mobil?

They, too, did not sell petrol in those early days and in fact are still the Mobil Oil Co. Ltd., in contrast to, say, the Esso Petroleum Co. Ltd.

The old Gargoyle was a familar and wellloved precursor of the flying red horse and the advertisements of the period bade us to use oil made from crude stocks selected for their lubricating properties rather than their petrol content.

Incidentally, anyone who remembers Castrol “R” with fondness can now enjoy that aroma, without any of the disadvantages you mention, by using Mobil SHC.

Mobil SHC has to be used to be believed, but the strange thing is that its molecules, synthetically designed to withstand punishment of every kind, possess the unlooked-for bonus that they bum with that delicious “Bisto” aroma. Could be there’s a moral there somewhere!

Seaford Ken Fantom