The Transport Trust has published an enlarged guide to Transport museums, steam trains, aeroplane and vehicle displays, etc., which really is a comprehensive work for those desirous of motoring with history in mind. Called “The Historical Transport Guide, 1975”, it is available from IPC for 60p., or 70p post-free from Transport Trust, 18, Ramillies Place, London, WIV 2BA. It should be in the glove-box of every car driven by readers of our V-E-V columns!

“Powerboating Yearbook-1975” is a remarkably complete introduction to all forms of this sport, with masses of pictures of boats of many types, some in full colour, and reports of last season’s competitions, again well illustrated, inclusive of record-breaking, World, European, GP and Class Championship races and hydroplane and water-ski racing, a directory of modern boats and marine power units (judging by the very complete pictorial coverage, boats are a good way of attracting bikini-clad girls) and much advice for beginners. This 320 pp. 5 1/2 in. x 8 1/4 in. book costs £1.35 from Self’s Publications Ltd., 39, East Street, Epsom, Surrey. The Editor is David Trim.