What's in a Name?




Having romped through “Maserati Miscellany” (April edition) I, like you, look forward to a full test report on the Maserati Khamsin.

What a pity such an exciting motor car should be given this name—unless it’s a deliberate dig at the bureaucrats. Khamsin is Arabic for fifty—not a good word in any motorist’s book these days. Truly it is also the name given to a desert wind bringing with it all the discomforts of a 50 m.p.h. sandstorm.

Following on and in better keeping with the Ghibli (small lively whirlwind or dustdevil) I would prefer the name Shemaal – a Gulf State’s description of a dust storm. Were I the owner of such a machine I would enjoy leaving the opposition facing such conditions—but there I go, dreaming again.

Newark-on-Trent BRUCE H. JORDAN