Captain Shakespeare

“Captain Shakespeare” by H.V.F. Winstone. 236 pp. 8 3/4 in. 5 1/2 in. (Jonathan Cape Ltd., 30, Bedford Square, London, WC1. £4.95)

This one really belongs to “Cars In Books” but as it is newly published and a review copy was sent to us, I feel it should be given this more prominent treatment. It is about the little known yet legendary explorer, Captain Shakespeare, and of interest to us because the book contains accounts of his remarkable pioneer journeys by motor car, such as from the Persian Gulf, across Asia Minor and Europe, to England, made in 1907 in a single-cylinder Rover, of which there is a photograph. It was an 8-h.p. Indian & Colonial model, costing £250 new.

Apart front the description of the long journey made in this car, the book gives an insight into the advent of the automobile in India and it also deals in detail with the Captain’s other great journey, across Arabia— by camel.—W.B.