A Lost Jaguar Mk. V


I wonder what has become of one of the great loves of my life, a magnificent Mk. V Jaguar 3 1/2-litre, EDP 100? Apart from the distinctive number, the lovely flowing lines and the cleverly chosen black and cream colouring, it also had a history. I bought it from Mr. Smith of Smith’s Coaches, Reading. and he used it when he was Mayor of Reading, it being a far more elegant carriage than the official limousine. This meant that VIPs had ridden in it, including, I understand, Royalty! I myself have had the pleasure of transporting Sir John Wolfenden, who is in no small way a VIP himself.

I traded in to Jarvis of Reading, who sold it, I understand, to a Jaguar collector from Wantage, many years: ago. This was too interesting a specimen to go to the knackers’ yard. Has anyone any idea Of its present whereabouts, or, awful thought, its ultimate end?

Reading. A. R. COLYER