Silverstone Parade


I was most interested to read Denis Jenkinson’s report in your May issue of the Graham Hill International Trophy. I feel however that I must take him to task for some of his comments on the parade of cars included in the tribute to this most popular of drivers.

As one who was involved in organising that part of the tribute, I believe I can say that the cars which were present were very representative of the types which Graham Hill drove. There were some gaps of course; it was not possible, for instance, to obtain the 1972 Le Mans Matra MS 670, or the 1966 Indianapolis Lola. Four of the Formula One cars in the parade had to be trailered (these were sent off round the circuit before the others), but this was due to their being exhibition vehicles. All credit then to Coventry Museum for running the Rover-BRM, and that a gat-turbine car!

On speaking with a number of spectators, I think that many people appreciated seeing some examples of the tremendous variety of cars associated with Hill’s career, and that the parade was a popular attraction amongst the day’s activities.

Whilst mentioning the Indianapolis Lola above, does anyone know of its present whereabouts? Another car of the same type was also raced by Jackie Stewart, and he later won the Japanese Fuji Grand Prix with this car.

Looking forward to taking Motor Sport for many years to come.


Long Itchington, Warwicks.