Not a Persecutor


As a serving member of "The Constabulary" and a fellow sports-car owner, I should like to reply in response to the letter front "Aggrieved and Persecuted"—our friend the MG-B owner (May, 1976).

Firstly, I hope that he has read "Matters of Moment" in the same issue of Motor Sport. From this excellent article he may gather that many serving Police Officers, including Assistant Traffic Commissioner Kavanagh, consider that many of Britain's speed limits are unrealistic and inappropriate.

Secondly, whilst I agree with his comments regarding exorbitant prices, paid for insurance when one is a sports-car driver, together with current petrol prices, I find our friend's closing comment little short of childish. I can personally think of a number of colleagues who also own reasonably quick cars, ranging from a Capri 3000, an MG-B GT and a Lancia Fulvia coupe through to our friend's topless-type of sports cars in the form of "Spridgets", an MG-B and a Spitfire. I myself own a Triumph GT6.

Therefore, many members of "the Constabulary" obviously also have a love for two-seaters and enjoy motoring themselves. (Even nowadays!). If our friend so dislikes receiving summonses for speeding offences, then surely he must know the answer. It is quite possible to drive within the letter of the law, even with a sports car.

Maybe, like "Aggrieved and Persecuted", I am being childish in "biting" on his comments, but he must surely realise that Police Officers do not make the laws of this land. They are merely employed to enforce existing legislation and, in my experience, generally enjoy a happy relationship with reasonable-minded, intelligent drivers of All types.

So please dear friend, bear with us and maybe we motoring enthusiasts, Police and Public together, may someday soon overcome the more unrealistic of our speed restrictions.

Hopefully, Mr. Kavanagh has already done some good in paving the way!

D. J. FARROW Great Bookham, Surrey