Fair Cop


With reference to "Aggrieved and persecuted MG-B owner" in your May issue who thinks an open car attractive to the Police.

I have driven in the course of my life a substantial mileage in cars on motorcycles and in heavy goods vehicles. My last driving offence was for speeding on a motorcycle 13 years ago at the age of 17. So, I do not drive in a way likely to cause undue attention. Three years ago I ran for one year an attractive bright red 3.8-litre Mk. II Jaguar with wire wheels. Believe me policemen just love Jags. I was pulled up on average once a week and one week twice in the same day. Usually they would search the car and examine it carefully for mechanical defects. They were always "routine checks" and I was never "done". I asked why they did it and was told more than once that it was a "thieves car". Another patrolman gave me a list of the cars that he thought most likely to be doing something wrong and this culminated in a brush-painted purple Vauxhall Crests!

Now I drive an elderly but smart Morris Minor convertible and though I drive it furiously no attention is ever paid. A convertible, mind. Soon after a lengthy restoration I plan to put my 1958 Porsche convertible "D" on the road and I look forward to that experience with interest but I hope it comes below the Vauxhall in the death list!

Please do not take this letter as a police criticism. It is obvious that my grey-haired father in his Renault 16 probably won't be breaking the law, but your correspondent in his MG-B was actually speeding and therefore attracting attention. Criminals do like old Jaguars as getaway cars and many Old Jags are in poor mechanical condition.

The Police do a difficult job to the best of their ability as a rule and they arc fallible human beings not machines. Just like Motor Sport readers.