A Hard-Used Ghost

I noticed reference to a Rolls-Royce towing a 1923 caravan. You might be interested to know that this car is still very much alive and kicking. It has been in the process of being made ready to go across to take part in the Windsor/Ascot Silver Jubilee event, before returning to form one of the exhibits of our new Motor Museum, which we opened about 21st May, in the centre of the promenade of our main town of Douglas. We are taking over a large cinema, and incorporating part of the Murray Motor Cycle collection and the Gilbey Horse Carriage collection. The Ghost came into my possession a couple of years ago, after a stint in the Television series, “Upstairs-Downstairs”, and at the time of your reference to caravan-towing belonged to the Dennis family, of commercial-vehicle fame.

Your eagle eye will doubtless spot that a 1913 car should not have straight-sided tyres; unfortunately later wheels were fitted, and as yet I have not managed to find a full set of beaded-edge, which would be preferable when on show. In fact, when in use, the straight-sided type give far less trouble with such a heavy car nearly three-tons.

Crosby R. J. EVANS, Curator, Manx Motor Museum