Miniatures News, June 1979

Last November we referred to the Revell kit for constructing a very-detailed 13½ in.-long model of a 1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom II with Gurney Nutting bodywork. This kit has since been assembled for us by an amateur but skilled model-maker, who reports that the kit makes up into a large and quite impressive model, and that this does not involve too much fiddly work. The instructions issued with the Revell kit were found to be quite clear, except when it came to fitting the steering track-rod, when those given were misleading. Instructions about how to paint the model were lacking, which was considered a pity, as those unacquainted with how to get good results might not obtain a first-class finish on a Rolls-Royce model which merits such treatment. Otherwise, an excellent model and a recommendation for buying Revell kits.

Grand Prix Models of Radlett have come up with another very alluring historic car miniature, with Brooklands and TT associations, available in kit-form or as a finished model. No. 68 in the series, this is a miniature, 3 9/10″ long, of the 1922 3-litre twin-cam TT Vauxhall. It makes a striking model, with its twin rear-mounted spare wheels, its slightly “oversize” grey-rubber tyres, its typical Vauxhall fluted radiator and bonnet, and its conical scuttle-cowls. It is complete with outside exhaust pipe, fuel-filler, undershield, front shock-absorbers, instruments, seats, pedals, and even the bulb horn, long outside hand-brake lever, and the pressure pumps which characterised this complex Vauxhall racer. Those who are building-up a collection of Brooklands’ models will welcome this latest addition to other models in this category, such as Chitty-Bang-Bang I, the Birkin blower-4½ Bentley single-seater, etc., and the ERA, P3 Alfa Romeo, Salmson, GP Bugatti and other models by the same manufacturer, to the same scale, that cover the Brooklands scene. The Vauxhall metal kit comes with building instructions and a history of the car. It is available from Grand Prix Models, 173/175, Watling Street, Radlett, Herts.

At a recent Christie’s sale a Dale La Follette model of Parry Thomas’ “Babs”, 13″ long, came under the hammer. — W.B.