Buying British



Buying British

I read Mr. Dorman’s letter just before I took off for Brighton for a week’s holiday and am writing this immediately on my return having covered 1,440 miles averaging 25 miles per gallon, complete with V6 engine, power assisted steering, sunshine roof, tinted glass plus many other extras,

as wea as a full luggage boot, a wife, two children and have had inunenne driving pleasure in a Ford Cortina 2.3S.

Twelve months ago it cost £5,000 and I have covered 18,000 miles of most enjoyable motoring always accepting the fact that the majority of car owners like myself need the facilities of a good sized luggage boot, 4/5-seat accommodation but still want “good looks and is fun to drive” as Mn. Dorman suggests. Ford scents to be the only company now offering such an acceptable package of practi.bility, driver enjoyment and price no I strongly suggest Mn. Dorman and other disillusioned readers take a test drive in what is now a 2.3 GLS Cortina. Peebles It. B. HARRISON