Debased currency


I was an avid reader of MOTOR SPORT from the mid ’60s up to the late ’80s. I stopped taking it then as I felt that the quality of content had deteriorated.

I was, therefore, pleased to see the April edition and felt that, once more, I would become a regular reader. I liked the new format, the quality of the articles and, not least, the line-up of some of my favourite motoring journalists.

To that end I was about to purchase a subscription when I was incensed to see last week that you were giving a free copy with Autocar. I feel that this ‘debases the currency’ and is a snub to those of us who purchased a copy at the new (higher) price.

I am, yours, Etc

Christopher Makin, Newbury

(I understand how you feel. However we felt it important that MOTOR SPORT become reacquainted with as many of its former readers as possible. In order to minimise upset, we only gave away the magazine once it had been on general sale for three weeks AF)