VSCC vintage light-car trial

The annual Welsh weekend of the VSCC Light Car Section saw 59 intrepid crews set out on the Saturday navigational-cum-scenic run and the nine-section trial on the Sunday.

On such an occasion cyclecars mingle with light cars. GNs were well represented and Edward Riddle’s 10E tourer would have commanded respect in 1921 had it then had the electrical starter he has recently fitted. These delightful GN cyclecars numbered nine, supported by Chater-Lea, Benjamin and Jones’ two-stroke ‘£100’ Carden. The Gwynnes were also out in force, with Woodbum’s 1923 sports-model, Ian Walker’s ‘hipbath’ tourer of like date, in which the half-shafts had been replaced the night before Jane Woodburn having her own Gwynne to back up her bus band’s, and John Warburton an exceedingly rare Ten tourer recently imported from Australia. Arthur Jeddere-Fisher had returned to his original love, a 12/24 hp Lagonda.

Two steep muddy forest sections, Caerhyddwen and Penyffynon Banc defeated most but not Miss Stocken in her 1924 Trojan, and Chris Percy in his 1927 Utility Trojan cleaned the first section. But it was too tough for the heavy Edwardians, Fenton’s 1911 Buick Roadster and Cartwright’s 1916 Hudson Super Six. At Winifred’s Wood a hump stopped Riddle’s GN before the gradient; Will’s Jowett Short-2 and Rosoman’s 9/20hp Humber tourer also failed. Riley 9s and M-type MGs now qualify for the fun but Seward confined his 1923 Calthorpe to the navigation exercise.


Llwynbarried Trophy C Piercey.

Kate Hutchings Memorial Trophy Phillippa Sellers.

Light Car Class Firsts: G Moore (M-type MG). Seconds: C Gordon (A7), L Wheeler (Morris Cowley). Thirds: D Woodburn (Gwynne 8), T Dickey (Morris Minor), N Banning-Boddy (A7).

Edwardians J Fenton (1912 Buick).