Raymond May's memory is to be recognised at the VSCC Silverstone Meeting on June 12, with the display of hopefully all the ERAs and four V16 BRMs including the non-runner from the NMM. Also the streets of his home town. Bourne in Lincolnshire, are to be closed on August 29 for a cavalcade of ERAs and his BRM racing cars. Interested parties can contact Carol Corliss on 01778 423629 for more information.

the Crossley Register's current Newsletter runs to 49 pages and covers all types of these vehicles and has good pictures, one in colour. One item is how Rolls-Royce rejected the Burney Streamline after tests had proved it distinctly competitive to R-R's 20/25hp car.

The Daimler and Lanchester OC intends to celebrate 40 years of Edward Turner's memorable V8 engine, as used in the Daimler SP250 sportscars, the wonderful Daimler Majestic and Jaguar/Daimler V8/250 saloons, with a rally at the Heritage Centre, Coventry, on July 18, including lunch with guest speakers. For a membership brochure ring 07000 456285.

Since 1968, members of the Frazer-Nash section of the VSCC have gone every ten years on raids to the Continent to celebrate the winning in 1932 of coveted Coupe des Glaciers by two Frazer-Nashes in the tough Alpine Trial.

This year, after an FN demonstration at VSCC Silverstone on June 12, 75 cars will set off on the 1999 Raid, taking in many of the Alpine passes used in 1932, plus visits to the Schlumpf Collection and the Zeppelin Museum at Lake Constance. Contact Bill Roberts on 01189 780890.

At Brooklands on June 26/27 the Fiat Register will recognise 100 years of its favourite make. P Collins had the details: 0181 464 6163; daytime, 01462 678205. It is hoped to run the Napier Railton at the Museum on May I, and that on June 1 the Vickers Vimy replica will take off for South Africa.

This year the STD Register is to celebrate 100 years of Sunbeam from July 2 to July 5, with a meeting in Weston Park and a cavalade through Wolverhampton to the one-time Sunbeam factory, where the 200mph LSR Sunbeam will be on display. Contact R Wilcox, 01283 791685 or T Singer, 01865 820256.

That MOTOR SPORT invention, the annual Inter-Register contest, has six more 1999 rounds to go, with events organised by the Jowett, Humber, Crossley, Riley, Alvis and Austin Ten registers and clubs.

The Bentley DC's 50th annual Silverstone Race Meeting is on August 2, and will include races for other makes too.