VSCC Herefordshire trial

The VSCC Herefordshire trial was won by Barry Clarke (Austin 7). John Gill (Lea-Francis) took the opposite class. First-Class Awards were won by A Cawley (Frazer Nash), G Owen (Morris-JAP), A Johnson (Bugatti), I Williamson (MG), W Urry (Riley), B Collings (Bentley), Joanne White (Riley), J Miller (Chrysler) and T Gosling, A Bee, S Diffey, Isobel Teague in Austin 7s. Second-Class Awards went to S Fathers (Ford), P Blakeney-Edwards (30/98), P Stanton (Ford), S Baxter (Chrysler) and J Fort, P Knill-Jones, R Reed, J Everett, P Bishop and M Purnell in A7s. Third-Class Awards: B Wildsmith (Riley), P Cassidy (Riley), R Marsh (Morris), T Threlfall (Ford) and S Welsh, A Fox, J Brewster, Miss N Banning-Boddy and T Jones in A7s.