Alp is at hand


I was interested to read the letter from Mervyn Pritchard in the May 2002 issue regarding a film of the 1958 Alpine Rally.

I recall seeing this film one Saturday afternoon in 1958, in what I suspect was the pre-Grandstand era. I was utterly mesmerised by it — Big Healeys, Triumph TRs, Midi Jaguars, Volvos, Porsches and Alfa Romeos all being driven at breakneck speed on mountain passes. Vivione, Stelvio and Gavia were names very evocative to a youngster who had not even been abroad.

I saw the film once more, at a motor club film show, but never saw it again. When motorsport videos began to proliferate, I looked at numerous lists of what was available, but saw no mention of this event or this film

Three or four years ago, I mentioned to my son how much I would love to have a video of the 1958 Alpine Rally. It is to his eternal credit that he contacted Shell, probably the PR Department, no doubt expecting a major task to track one down — if one even existed. To his surprise, he was able to order one within minutes.

It’s as good now as it was in 1958.

So I suggest Mr Pritchard contacts Shell. If he has no success, he can contact me via yourselves and I will be happy to arrange for him to borrow my copy.

However, it is not for sale — it’s priceless!

I am, Yours etc, Peter Doland, Lowsonford, Warks