My generation




The day that I bought the April edition of Motor Sport I also purchased the then-current Autosport magazine, and upon reading the two publications it struck me that Formula One now and then are separated simply by sheer commerce.

I have loved F1 for more than 25 years, but reading your ‘100 Things That Made F1 Great’ made it really hit home that my nine year-old son is seeing a very different ‘sport’ to the one I grew up with.

What sums it up is that he’s a big fan of Villeneuve (G, of course!) as a result of watching a video of the Dijon 1979 race, knows Senna was more charismatic (and arguably quicker) than Schuey, and that the Tyrrell P34 won in Sweden ’76. But he couldn’t tell you how many races Schuey won last year.

And so here are a few late contenders for your top 100 things.

How about ‘Different Helmets’, such as the ’78 Bell ‘Eye-Hole’ and ’79 Simpson ‘Star Wars’. And then there’s helmet ‘bibs’ (à la Master James), funky flared team gear — McLaren ’76 being a great example — a proper heel-and-toe action and, finally, chaotic garages, induding Ferrari whose trestle tables for lunch featured copious amounts of Lambrusco. Happy days!

I am, Yours etc,
Simon Hill, Paddock Wood, Kent