Art attack




Since it’s OK for Gordon Cruickshank to play art critic, I reckon that means it’s all right for me to do the same. I recall those BMW Art Cars and thinking that it was a neat idea, and that the individual offerings were all really cool (that’s a technical art critic term meaning “really cool”), with the exception of Andy Warhol’s contribution. At the time I thought he’d recruited a 10-year-old ADD sufferer, given him a four-inch paint brush and a couple of quarts of Sherwin/ Williams house paint and said, ‘Have at it, kid’. The fact that apparently Andy was the only one of the artists who rendered his scheme with his very own lily-white, yellow-gloved hands does not alter my opinion of the final result. To sum up, it was crap then, and it’s still crap today.

Richard Henry, Prescott, USA

[Couldn’t agree more! — GC]