Modern heart



The 2003 Sebring 12 Hours was Gregor Fisken’s debut at the top level of international sportscar racing and he has since contested the Le Mans 24 Hours on two occasions, with plans to return to La Sarthe in 2006.

Fisken moved rapidly from a GT2 Porsche to driving an LMP2 Lola-AER and last year raced in the Nürburgring and Istanbul 1000Km (above) events in the LMP1 Team Jota Zytek 04/S.

The term ‘gentleman driver’ is increasingly used in a pejorative sense by some sections of the motorsport press alongside sneering references to ‘pay drivers’, but it would appear to describe Fisken rather well: successful in business, not a professional driver but very capable behind the wheel. He finished third in an attrition-hit LMP2 field at Sebring 2005, led LMP2 during the night at last year’s Le Mans and won at Portland. “Ultimately it doesn’t matter terribly where anyone comes in historic racing, but this is a wholly different matter. There have been moments at Sebring and Le Mans where I’ve stopped and thought, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

Fisken believes that this is something of a golden age for sportscar racing, with a return to 1000km races, manufacturer support and a real chance for the privateer to compete. So don’t be too surprised if in 30 years’ time the Kensington Mews showroom displays an ex-works Audi R10, with excellent competition history and original patina…